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Molly Purves

Congratulations to our own very own AFC champions, the Patriots! They will be going to the Super Bowl in a little over a week. While the game against the Colts this past Sunday was not a nail bitter by any stretch, it was nice to see the Pats firing on all cylinders and taking charge of the field. Let’s hope that spark continues when they play the Seattle Seahawks next Sunday. The Seahawks game against favored Green Bay was very exciting, with the Seahawks coming from behind in the last minutes of the game and scoring the winning touchdown in overtime.

Thursday night at Pathways at the Chilmark Tavern, there will be a musical presentation of works in progress and new works from 7 pm to 9 pm (doors open at 6:30 pm). Musicians include Alex Karalekas, Mike Benjamin, Kate Davis, and Wes Nagy, and dancing is encouraged. There is no cover charge.

This week at the library, on Saturday, Jan. 24 from noon to 2 pm you can come in and make a snow globe. I’m curious about this; it seems like a very difficult craft. Thursday, Jan. 29, at 5 pm will be the next Dinner and a Movie for Kids. Pizza and veggies will be served, along with a kids’ movie. And next Saturday, Jan. 31, at 2:30 pm there will be a special guest: Llama Llama will be joining everyone for Story Time.

This Saturday night is the Chilmark School’s Red Hot Blues Bash at the Chilmark Community Center, at 7 pm. This annual dance party is to benefit the Chilmark PTO and Outing Program. There will be much dancing to tunes courtesy of the Mike Benjamin Band. There will be a silent and a live auction, and lots of dessert. Tickets are $20 at the door and on This is a grownups-only event (which makes it even better).

If you are interested in doing some service in the town, the board of selectmen is seeking town residents to be considered for appointment to two new committees in 2015. The Historic Buildings Committee is in need of one person to serve three years. This committee will have oversight in the care of the town’s historic structures (Lighthouse, Homestead, Library, and Old Town Hall). Representatives from the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, Tribe, Aquinnah Cultural Center, and library will also serve on this committee. The committee will be working with the director of public works and the town administrator on the maintenance and capital improvements of the town’s historic buildings. The Town Campus Planning Committee is in need of three people for one-, two-, and three-year terms. This committee, along with a member of the board of selectmen and the town administrator, will have the responsibility of planning out the development of the Town Hall campus for the next 10 years. The goal of this review board is to develop a plan, based on a needs assessment, for the future operational facilities of the Town Hall, Fire/Police/Ambulance, Library and Public Works Departments. Anyone interested in serving on these important community review boards should submit a letter of interest to Adam Wilson, Town Administrator, 65 State Rd, Aquinnah, MA 02535 or by email at

Join the Land Bank for a tour of Toad Rock Preserve on Sunday, Feb. 1, at 1 pm in Aquinnah. This will be a one- or two-hour tour of this small preserve overlooking Squibnocket Pond and the Atlantic. Go to for details, or call the office at 508-627-7141.

If you are looking for some other nightlife, the newly renovated Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse is hosting many events to while away the winter evenings. On Mondays they are showing classic films, and they are also hosting poetry and cabaret nights. Go to for a full schedule of their events. I know Vineyard Haven seems like a long way to go for some fun, but really, what other choice do we have up here?

Did everyone watch the Patriots game this weekend? That was a stressful one. They did make it to play another game in the postseason this weekend. They will face the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday at 6:40 pm at Gillette Stadium. Go Pats! Let’s take it to the Super Bowl so we have something to focus on to get us through this extremely cold January. It makes such a difference to have something to distract from the bitterness of the weather.

Come by the library Thursday night for the first Pizza and a Movie of the season. It starts at 5 pm, and your kids can watch a film and get fed, and you don’t have to do anything! The Friends of the Aquinnah Public Library are raising money for a new circulation desk at the library; if you would like to donate you can send a check to: FAPL, 65 State Rd. Aquinnah, MA 02535.

If you are interested in doing some service in the town, the Board of Selectmen is seeking town residents to be considered for appointment to two new committees in 2015. The Historic Buildings Committee is in need of one person to serve three years. This committee will have oversight in the care of the town’s historic structures (Lighthouse, Homestead, Library, and Old Town Hall). Representatives from the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, Tribe, Aquinnah Cultural Center, and library will also serve on this committee. The committee will be working with the director of public works and the town administrator in the maintenance of and capital improvements for the town’s historic buildings. The Town Campus Planning Committee is in need of three people for one-, two-, and three-year terms. This committee, along with a member of the Board of Selectmen and the town administrator, will have the responsibility of planning out the development of the Town Hall campus for the next 10 years. The goal of this review board is to develop a plan, based on a needs assessment, for the future operational facilities of the Town Hall, Fire/Police/Ambulance, Library, and Public Works Departments. Anyone interested in serving on these important community review boards should submit a letter of interest to Adam Wilson, Town Administrator, 65 State Rd., Aquinnah, MA 02535 or by email at

Janette Vanderhoop is teaching a free yoga class at the Town Hall on Sundays from 10 am to 11:30 am. I hear it’s great; I’m embarrassed to say that I have not been yet. How can that be when it is just down the street? How lazy am I? It’s not like it’s at a crazy early time on Sunday — I’m definitely up by then, I just haven’t made it over there yet.

Pathways is up and running again at the Chilmark Tavern. They have put out a call to artists to submit work for their Multi-Arts Opening on Monday, Jan. 19, from 6:30 pm to 9 pm. They are looking for short excerpts from many different art forms, including spoken word, digital screening, art installations, music, and performance. The work does not need to be finished to be submitted. To submit, email excerpts with a concise description of intent to: or call 508-645-9098 to schedule an appointment.

ACE MV is holding an in-person registration for winter classes at the high school this Friday from 5 pm to 6:30 pm in the lobby. Community suppers have started at the West Tisbury Congregational Church. They are on Wednesday nights from 5:30 to 7 pm through April. The main dish is provided, but side dishes are much appreciated. Everyone is welcome.

Carl Widdis’ tree is up at his gravesite in Aquinnah; it will be up until the spring, and if you know someone in need, go up and make a wish for them. Pam Glavin said that there are a few tokens on the tree, and she is happy that people are visiting it. Happy birthday to Faith Vanderhoop whose birthday is today. If you see her, she probably has her very cute little boy Golden with her. Give them both a hug for her birthday.

A fierce wind blew through Aquinnah on New Year’s Eve, sending the last bits of the old year out to sea. It was the kind of wind that gets inside of you and rearranges your mind. Perhaps it just wanted to make sure we were ready for what the New Year brings, didn’t want us to hold onto any debris from the past. Maybe the wind was a warning of things to come. Maybe it was a gift. Maybe because it was New Year’s Eve, I’m reading into it too much. Maybe.

If the wind did not blow away the last bit of summer money you are hanging onto, there are some organizations in town that could use some of it. The Friends of the Aquinnah Public Library are raising funds to help build a new circulation desk at the library. FAPL has already purchased new chairs and book carts, and the new desk will help the librarians be more efficient and use the space more ergonomically, as the desk is being designed specifically for the library. You can send a donation to FAPL, 65 State Rd. Aquinnah, MA 02535. Save the Gay Head Lighthouse is still raising money to move the lighthouse this year. You can buy their special merchandise and make a donation at

In December, first-grade students at the Oak Bluffs School raised more than $600 for the Gay Head Lighthouse relocation. Forty-eight students in three first-grade classes, under the supervision of their teachers, Larissa Bernat, Heidi Ganser, and Julie Rodenbaugh, made crafts that they sold in a pop-up store in the school’s lobby. The fundraiser is the first step in what will be a yearlong effort by the students to support saving the lighthouse. Go, first graders of Oak Bluffs; way to show Island spirit!

If you are carrying a balance in fines at the Aquinnah library, bring in a couple of nonperishable, unexpired food items during the month of January, and your slate will be wiped clean. All the donations go to the Island Food Pantry. Also, it’s the return of pizza and a movie for kids! Next Thursday, Jan. 15 at 5 pm, the Aquinnah library will show a movie and feed your kid(s) at the same time.

The Yard will be hosting a concert/dance party at the Chilmark Community Center this Friday, featuring Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish. The event is from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm, and tickets are $10. The concert is to raise money for the Yard’s program in the Island schools, “Making It: Kids Make Dance.” This will be a very fun time and a great excuse to come out and dance.

Shakespeare for the Massesis back at the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse in Vineyard Haven! This weekend we will be performing our highly edited and fast-paced production of “Richard III.” Performances will be on Saturday, Jan. 10, at 7:30 pm and Sunday at 3:30 pm. Both are free of charge.

The Chilmark School PTO Outing Program fundraiser will be on Saturday, Jan. 24, at the Chilmark Community Center. Bring your checkbook and your dancing shoes; there will be a live auction and a silent auction, and Mike Benjamin and his band will be playing.

Happy birthday to Megan Woods, who celebrates on Wednesday.

It’s that time of year when Up Island Auto has a sale on gas on Sundays and many Island churches host a free supper every week. The Federated Church in Edgartown will be serving lasagna dinners from 12:30 to 2 pm every Sunday starting Jan. 11. Everyone is welcome, Island-wide. For questions, or in the case of inclement weather, please email

Happy New Year, Aquinnah! I’m hoping someone will throw together a dance party (up Island, please) tonight so that we can all dance in the New Year and then not have very far to drive home.

Has anyone made any resolutions? I have only one resolution for the upcoming year: to actually enjoy the summer here. I used to, back in the days when I was just a summer resident, but then I moved here full-time and something shifted. The traffic got really annoying, the summer people became very entitled and the prices of everything on our already expensive island seemed to go up even higher. In short I began to take everything personally. Everyone who didn’t live here year-round was suspect to me unless they could prove that they were just hard-working people who had saved for a nice vacation. What were all these people doing on our island anyway? And why do they all drive such big cars? I don’t want to spend all of August wishing it were over, so that is my resolution: to enjoy my time here, all the time, but especially in the summer.

The library and any official office in Aquinnah will be closed on New Year’s Day, but the library will reopen on Saturday, when you can stop in and make a snowman cupcake. Or you can just come in and get a book or a movie. Your call. The cupcake making will start at 12 noon.

In honor of her deceased partner, Carl Widdis, Pam Glavin has placed a Christmas tree at his gravesite for people to visit and place a holiday wish for someone in need on the tree. Pam’s announcement reads, in part, “Visit it and place your Christmas wishes and hopes for now and ever after there…maybe with a little of Carl’s Christmas magic and help from you, you can make someone else’s dream come true and pay it forward for Carl, too.” If you know of someone who is suffering or going through a rough time, visit Carl’s tree and make a special wish for them. I’m sure Carl has an in with the forces of the universe that bring good fortune to people and your wish will be granted.

The Aquinnah holiday party was such a treat last week. It seemed as if the whole town was there (except of course for the people off Island with their families). Nancy Benoit, Kayla Manning, Noli Taylor, and Melissa Mahoney did a great job decorating the town hall; it looked so cozy and festive. Theresa Manning and Alex Taylor aka Santa’s elves did a wonderful job picking out gifts for every single kid in town (and there are a lot of them these days). And then of course there was Santa, who delivered all the gifts. That was definitely the highlight, watching all the little ones trying to sit patiently until their gift was pulled from the bag and they got to go up and sit on Santa’s lap and finally get their present.  Some kids were a little older and too cool to sit on Santa’s lap and others were young and a little frightened of Santa and needed a parent to hold them on his lap. The floor was a sea of torn wrapping paper and tape by the end. And I think all the children went home happy. Thank you to everyone who contributed food and time to help make it a special evening.

Happy Birthday to former Aquinnah librarian Jenny Christy who is a New Year’s Day baby and to Megan Ottens-Sargent who celebrates on January 6.

Merry Christmas everyone! And happy Hanukkah to all who celebrated. Wishing everyone a peaceful day filled with family, love, and nourishment. Blessings to all who have lost loved ones this year and for whom the holidays are not quite as bright.

The cookie exchange, wrapping-paper-making, ugly-Christmas-sweater-wearing party at the library was so much fun. Library director Lisa Sherman had a magnificent Christmas sweater complete with tinsel and two stuffed birds. There were many different kinds of delicious cookies, including a plate of red velvet cookies made by Nancy Laport and an entire plate of gluten-free cookies made by Rosa Parker. Many kids made some very colorful wrapping paper with the ink and potato stamps that Barbara supplied. Claus Smith stopped in and was serenaded with “Happy Birthday” by all the library patrons, as Saturday was his birthday. Carrie Vanderhoop is visiting for three weeks with her daughter Rosalie, and they stopped in with Carrie’s sister Tiffany and her three children.

This Saturday at 2 pm there will be Kwanzaa bingo at the library, and on Tuesday there will be a vacation Lego party from noon to 3 pm. Kids can come in and play Legos on the new rug in the children’s area of the library. It now looks very fresh and cozy over there with the rug and two new beanbag chairs as well.

Remember that there is a free yoga class taught by Jeanette Vanderhoop every Sunday at 10 am at the Old Town Hall.

Berta and Vern hosted their annual Christmas party this past Saturday, and it seemed like most of the town was there, and many people from down-Island too. Adrianna Ignacio showed off her now braceless torso. For months now Adrianna has had to wear a brace that held her torso still as part of her recovery from her fall last summer, but last week she got the go-ahead to have it removed. She will have a little more freedom of movement as she winters in Utah with her husband Bruce. Berta and Vern’s son Giles is home from Kansas for a bit. He will be attending the University of Kansas in January. Amera Ignacio’s 18-month-old son, Lyle, fell asleep on her lap, so he missed a very heated discussion about the podcast hit “Serial,” which ended last Thursday. By the time I left the party, the dancing was in full swing and the Chilmark Chocolates were all gone.

Welcome home to Emerson and Ella Mahoney. Emerson has been playing hockey off-Island, and Ella is halfway through her sophomore year of college. I know Juli is thrilled to have both her kids home. Happy birthday to Christina Montoya, who is a Christmas baby and will be celebrating Thursday. Lang Gerhard will celebrate on Dec. 28. Olive and Violet MacPhail turn 9 on Dec. 30, and move one year closer to tweendom.

First things first, I made a mistake in last week’s column so listen up: Chilmark Chocolate’s last day is Thursday, December 18. Not Friday the 19th. I’m so sorry for the confusion, but Thursday is it. This is the last day to buy your chocolates. Then nothing until the end of January so stock up today.

At the library this Saturday, December 20, there is a lot going on. First, a cookie exchange: you bring in some yummy cookies and other people do as well and you trade. Delicious. Once you’ve traded cookies you can make some wrapping paper and sit on the new rug for the children’s area all while wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. The crafts will start at 12 noon on Saturday. See you there. The following Saturday there will be Kwanzaa Bingo at the library with prizes, the game starts at 2 pm. On Tuesday, December 30, from 12 noon to 3 pm, there will be a vacation Lego party. The library will be closed on Thursday, January 1, 2015, in observance of New Year’s Day.

In honor of the winter solstice, the Yoga Barn will host its first sun salutation relay from 8 to 10 am on Sunday, Dec. 21. You can come for the whole time and do 108 sun salutations or come for a half hour. The event is free and seems like a great way to start off the winter. Also, there’s a Winter Solstice Party at the Gayhead Lighthouse from 3-5 pm that day; it’s  free and open to the public, hosted by the Save the Gayhead Lighthouse committee.

The Aquinnah town Christmas Party will be this Tuesday starting at 5 pm. Special guest Santa Claus will arrive at 5:30 pm on his special sleigh. We do need some help with this party to make it a success, so if you can help with decorating or clean up, please let me know. There will be a potluck supper, so please bring a dish to share. Even if you cannot contribute, please come so that we can celebrate the season together. This is such a wonderful party and a great time to get caught up with everyone. Besides, we need to stock up on festivities before the doldrums of January and February descend upon us.

Anja threw a great party for her son, Yossi, at the Y this past weekend. Yossi turned nine and celebrated by swimming and playing in the pool for an hour with many of his friends and then eating Black Dog majesty cake and a very yummy ice cream cake with cookie crust made by his dad, Mike. It was a terrific party and such a great way to spend a cold almost-winter afternoon.

I did make it out to the Charter School 80’s Dance Party and Rock Auction this past Saturday (slightly disappointed that my favorite dancing partners were unable to attend with me) and the DJ was pretty great, playing a good mix of Michael Jackson, Toni Basil, Soft Cell and the Go-Go’s. I must admit that I never go to this event for the auction nor do I ever buy anything, I just go to dance, and perhaps to dress up in whatever 80’s garb I might have held on to all these years. But no outfit that I picked could hold a candle to Alex Taylor’s who really had a three part outfit: Her teased enormous hair which was a costume all on its own. A weird pink floral/black jacket similar in cut to that red and black one Michael Jackson used to wear. It was impossible to tell what this jacket’s original use was: was it a ski jacket? An everyday kind of thing? Something to throw on before you did your morning mall walk with your friends? It could have been all of those. And lastly there was a striped tube top and turquoise pants. There was a point where I thought I was pretty good at putting together a good costume, but Alex takes the cake. Ms. Taylor I bow down to you.

Happy Birthday to Claus Smith aka Claus-y who turns seven on December 21. We love you Claus!

The Winter Solstice is in ten days but Old Man Winter is definitely making his presence known. I have a sinking feeling based on the wind chill factor the past two weeks that we are in for a rough, cold winter. I’m taking solace in the fact that the holidays are such a happy, cheerful time on the Island, no matter what the weather. There are so many holiday parties and lights and decorations everywhere that even a trip to Alley’s in West Tisbury feels festive. Hanukkah starts on Tuesday, so there will be even more lights everywhere. I think I like the holiday lights more than I like getting presents, and I love getting presents.

Jessica Cramer’s jewelry is on exhibit and for sale at Santander Bank in Chilmark, if you would like to do a little local shopping for Christmas. Remember Chilmark Chocolates is only open until December 19 this year and then closed until the end of January.

There will be a big 1980s Dance Party at Dreamland this Saturday night as the Charter School hosts their annual Rock Auction at 6:30 pm. There are many great auction items including: a plane ride from Katama field with Capt. Livingston Taylor, a new freezer full of local meat and seafood, an authentic clambake for 12 at Hancock Beach and lots more. D.J. Jay Araujo will be spinning hits from the 80s. Attendees are encouraged to dine downstairs at the MV Chowder Co. prior to the party. Tickets are $20 at the door.

At the library this week, stop in on Thursdays at 3 pm for story time, and this Saturday from 12 noon to 3 pm, Barbara can help you make a driftwood menorah. On Saturday, December 20, in addition to the make-your-own-wrapping-paper craft, there will be a cookie exchange; bring some cookies you made and get some cookies others made. Plus this is an opportunity to show off your ugly Christmas sweater (not that any of us have them, of course).

The town Christmas party will be Tuesday, December 23, at the Old Town Hall. If you can help in any way with decorating, cleanup, present wrapping etc. please let me know. This is a potluck dinner for the whole town, so please bring a dish to share. Santa will be there giving out gifts (just to the kids, sorry) so this is a great time to catch up with your neighbors while the kids run around and lose their minds.

There were two items of very sad news this past week. Robbie Manning, son of Jyl Manning and nephew of June Manning, died, far too young at the age of 31. And Jean Entine’s daughter Jennifer Entine Matz lost her battle with cancer last week at the age of 45. Deaths are always hard but the fact that both of these two beloved souls were so young is especially heartbreaking, not to mention the fact that this is a particularly difficult time of year to lose someone. My heart goes out to the Manning sisters and to Robbie’s children and to Jean Entine and Jennifer’s two children.

Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate it (remember to get gelt for your kids and grandkids at Chilmark Chocolates).

Traveling over Thanksgiving can be tricky and awful, but I have to say as someone who traveled a lot over this past break, it wasn’t that bad. Even the George Washington and Tappan Zee Bridges, although crowded, were okay (I highly recommend EZ-PASS to get through it as quickly as possible). I saw a lot of family and also Santa Claus. He did not come to our dinner; we visited him at his workshop in Macy’s. He really hasn’t changed much over the years, he’s still big and jolly and asks kids a lot of questions. He is also remarkably photogenic and seems to delight in having his picture taken. You’d think he would be busy putting together bags of toys this late in the game, but he really seems to enjoy spending time with his fans and seems wholly unconcerned that he has less than a month to pull this whole Christmas thing together. I guess since he’s done it for so long he’s got it down.

‘Tis the season at the library. This Saturday you can come and make a greens craft such as a wreath or table centerpiece. The greens and ribbon will be provided. On Saturday, December 13, come on in and make a candle holder and then on December 20, my favorite craft: wrapping paper making with stamps, ink and paint. My mother, like a good New Englander, still has the sheet that I made last year and wrapped her present in. No doubt it will be recycled on someone else’s gift this year. All crafts are from 12 noon to 3 pm and coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and treats are served all day.

The Orange Peel Bakery will start serving lunch daily again this Friday from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. The menu will include soups, salad and pizza. Call 508-645-2025 to place an order.

The last day that Chilmark Chocolates will be open this year is December 19. They will then be closed until January 31, 2015. That’s over 40 days of them being closed. That’s a long time in chocolate days.

Aquinnah resident Jan Wightman will direct the MV Regional High School Minnesingers as they perform during Christmas in Edgartown at the Whaling Church on Friday, December 12, at 8 pm and Saturday, December 13, at 4 pm. Tickets are $15. For more information, please call 508-627-4440, ext. 112.

There were many happy Thanksgiving celebrations throughout Aquinnah. Many Vanderhoops (approximately 21 people including 12 kids) gathered at Heidi Vanderhoop’s house. It was the first time she hosted and she did a great job. There was plenty of food as everyone brought a dish and there were some out-of-towners who visited including Naushon Vanderhoop and her daughter, Nanawausauwe, and Ella Mahoney, all visiting from New York City. Ona Ignacio said she had a great celebration at Berta and Vern Welch’s house with family and friends. This was the last weekend that On the Cliffs and Stone Creek Gifts were open and although it was cold, it was worth it; now they are packed away until next May. Jay and Francoise Theise were in Aquinnah for the Thanksgiving celebrating with their children and grandchildren. Jim and Kathy Newman hosted their daughter, Julie, and Julie’s family. Some people had plans to come to Aquinnah and then didn’t due to weather, Seth and Megan Woods stayed in Brookline when the Steamship Authority told them that their ferry and the others around it would most likely be canceled.

Of course now we are on to Hanukkah and Christmas. Remember your local artists at the Featherstone Gift show every day from 12 noon to 4 pm at Featherstone and the Vineyard Holiday Gift Shop in Vineyard Haven and of course all the craft shows at Christmas in Edgartown next weekend, all of which feature artists from Aquinnah.

And lastly, a very Happy Birthday to Margie Spitz who celebrates on Sunday.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all. I hope your travels go smoothly or if you are not traveling, that everyone arrives in one piece and helps with the cooking and the cleanup afterwards. It’s such a lovely weekend to be on the Island and so we are of course traveling to New Jersey. Maybe I will see some of you on I-95. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

If you don’t want to just sit around all day eating and watching football on Thanksgiving day, Sian Williams is teaching an open yoga class at the Yoga Collective this morning from 9-10:30 am by donation. Also on Saturday at the Yoga Barn Cathy Garfinkle will be teaching a restorative yoga class from 3- to 5:30 pm. Registration is required; email Cathy at

At the library this Saturday there will be a Lego craft from 12 noon to 3 pm. Hot cocoa and coffee will be served all day and feel free to bring your leftover pie to share. Don’t forget to buy your raffle ticket before 2 pm while at the library. The Friends of the Aquinnah Public Library are raffling off a beautiful advent calendar handmade by Alex Taylor. Tickets are one for $5, or five for $20. Next Saturday you can come and make holiday greens decorations.

Both Stony Creek Gifts and On the Cliffs will be open this weekend. From 11 am to 3:30 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you can stop in and get some great deals for your holiday shopping. Everything at On the Cliffs is 50 percent off and Stony Creek has some great deals on gifts and jewelry.

Joan LeLacheur will hold an open studio this Saturday, November 29, from 10 am to 5 pm at 42 Old South Rd. Contact Joanie at or 508-645-9954 for more information.

Lisa Vanderhoop will be selling her Vineyard Seadogs 2015 calendars and holiday cards as well as art prints and paintings at the Ag Hall this Friday and Saturday at the Vineyard Artisans Show. She will have snowy owl, mermaid, fish, wildlife and landscape art and prints. I have seen some of Lisa’s snowy owl pictures and they are amazing and a great gift for any nature lover in your life. Lisa’s work, and that of Eva Weinstein, is also featured in the Featherstone Holiday gift show, which runs every day from Friday November 28 to Sunday December 21 from 12 noon to 4 pm.

In other Vanderhoop news, Juli’s daughter Ella is coming home for Thanksgiving on Wednesday and I know Juli is very excited. Aside from selling her wares at Cronig’s and at her own bakery, Juli is also selling items at the Vineyard Holiday Gift Shop on the corner of Spring and Main Vineyard Haven, if you just can’t make it up Island. It is open every day, 10 am to 6 pm, until Christmas Eve. The Orange Peel Bakery is now taking pie and roll orders for Christmas; call 508-645-2025 to place your order. Please note that the bakery will not be serving lunch until next Thursday, December 4.

This week we said goodbye to Grace Randolph, her husband, Phil Gover and their children, Russell and Katama. They moved to Oklahoma City where Phil got a new job. I know they will be missed especially in the Tribe afterschool program where Grace did a wonderful job with the kids.

Thanksgiving is next week. If you are so inclined, I would love to hear what everyone is grateful for and a few descriptions of how people celebrate Thanksgiving here. We always drive to New Jersey to see my husband’s family, so we always have some quality time on either the George Washington Bridge or the Tappan Zee. There is always traffic, no matter what time or what day we leave. And it’s much worse than it is here in August.

This past Saturday at 4 pm the shellfish committee closed Menemsha Pond to all scalloping (Family and Commercial). The Town and Tribe both reseeded the pond and the pond will remain closed for the rest of the season in order for the proposed 1 million seedlings to set and grow by the next harvest season. Which means no scalloping in Aquinnah this winter. Which is going to be very hard on the families that depend on the income from it. This is not a news flash, but the winters are so tricky here financially and this is a blow to many families. Seems like this happens every other year.

On a brighter note, deer hunting season is on with bow hunting until November 29 and shotgun season starting December 1.

Joan LeLacheur is having an Open Studio Sale this Saturday, November 22, 10 am–5 pm. Her wampum necklaces, bracelets, earrings, charms and amulets will all be on sale. Come to 42 Old South Road in Aquinnah. You can contact Joanie at or 508-645-9954 for more information.

Jeanette Vanderhoop is offering a free yoga class for Aquinnah town residents on Sundays, 10–11:30 am, at the old Town Hall. She does have some mats and props, but it’s not a bad idea to bring your own mat if you have one.

This Saturday at the library you can make a handprint turkey for Thanksgiving. Next Saturday, November 29, kids can come by for Legos, cartoons, and hot cocoa. Saturday, December 6, will kick off the Christmas/Hannukah crafts with “Make a Greens Craft.” Make a wreath or table centerpiece with some beautiful greens and ribbon. All crafts are from 1 to 3 pm.

It’s that time of year when all the holiday festivals are being held. Featherstone’s 12th Annual Holiday Gift Show runs every day from 12 noon to 4 pm, from November 22 through December 21. The Preview Party is this Friday, November 21, 6–8 pm, at Featherstone. The gifts are made by more than 60 Island artists, including Aquinnah’s Eva Weinstein and Lisa Vanderhoop, and it is definitely a sale worth checking out.

Cathy Garfinkle will hold a Restorative Yoga Workshop at The Yoga Barn on Saturday, November 29, from 3 to 5:30 pm.  If you want to recover from all the overeating and need a place to detox from your family, this is the place to go. To register or for more information, please contact Cathy via email at or call 508-693-1403.