Soundings: Awareness, production, stewardship

This March, when the Patrick Administration awarded $3 million in tax credits to community development corporations across Massachusetts, 38 recipients were on the list. Just 10 organizations were funded at the highest level of $110,000 for the first year of this three-year program. Among the 10 was IHT, the Island Housing Trust. This was a […]

Soundings: Three percent solution

In 2011, with an Edgartown Library building project on the town meeting warrant, I was hired to help prepare an informational brochure for voters. For the back cover, I asked several town leaders for endorsements of the library plan. They were universally willing to help — well, almost universally. The only person to turn me […]

Soundings: This season of giving

Let’s try to connect the dots between a new book on public health policy, a promising new program at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, and some numbers from a century-old Edgartown annual town report. First, the book. In “The American Health Care Paradox,” by Dr. Elizabeth Bradley, director of the Global Health Leadership Institute at Yale University, […]