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Chilmark: Library announces poetry contest winners

The season is winding down, nights have an added chill as the temperature drops, the Ag Fair has packed up, the last Chilmark Flea...

Chilmark: Fisher Family Reunion

Still in the August blur and enjoying beach cookouts at sunset, swimming in the rain, the best tomatoes ever courtesy of my neighbor, and...

Chilmark: the August blur

Summer movie on Menemsha Beach with Sylvia Earle and Bob Nixon, Backyard Bash on a gorgeous evening enjoyed by families and all ages, Chilmark Road Race with more runners than ever, the First Family nestled into their vacation digs, hearing Johns Hopkins Lyme Disease Research Foundation founder and president Dr. John Aucott speak at an informal gathering, one of my sons returning from a summer semester in Poland and one off camping in New Hampshire, dancing in Built on Stilts, girlfriends from Rockland County, N.Y., visiting — it’s the August blur under the Supermoon and Perseid meteor showers. It’s time to start thinking about the Ag Fair, what to enter, and enjoying the myriad of offerings all over our Island.

Chilmark: life is buzzing

Life is buzzing in Chilmark. Can’t even pull into parking lots, local eggs are sold out by noon, and the bulletin board at Chilmark Store has no space left. I stopped there for breakfast last week in the rain and the porch was full. Take it slow on the roads and be sure not to cut off the Presidential motorcade.

Art, music, and flowers at Gallery in the Garden

Two years ago, driving by the Vineyard Gardens sign “Gallery in the Garden tonight,” I put on my blinker and turned in to their...

Bad luck bee sting, then good luck

When I arrived, Emily was sitting in the chair of Land Bank attendant Richard Gleason, clearly having an allergic reaction. A woman was holding her hand, talking to her to help her keep calm while she struggled with her breathing.

Chilmark Flea is the perfect lunch

This was the final week for my niece and nephew’s first Island visit, but on their last day we had a real scare when...

Chilmark remembers Sheldon Hackney

Glorious days, fog, much-needed rain, clouds and perfect sunsets... So much to be grateful for this July!

Ward Just discusses new book at Chilmark Community Center

Oh my, summer is making my head spin! Stopped at Chilmark’s Norris Garden and Brookside Farm open to the public for The Garden Conservancy’s...

Chilmark welcomes Film Festival and other summer happenings

July 4th took us to the Home Port for dinner now that Josh Aronie is cooking. We were greeted by hostess Truda Silberstein, a...

MVFF starts summer season in Chilmark

Getting home after my 6-day MELT Method Teacher Training in New York City, my husband drove us straight from the airport to the Chilmark...

Softball season opens in Chilmark

Flanders Field Softball Season opened, serenaded by Tony Peak, in his kilt, playing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.” Bill Edison sang his own...

A case of the Willys in Chilmark

Congratulations to Marianne Goldberg and the entire Pathways Projects Team on three more winter residencies now lined up for Pathways Gathering Space at the...

Chilmark: The Yard, The Barnyard, and more

This has been a week of cancellations, suffering through a sore throat, rising above an allergy-fogged head, being vigilant daily about grooming dogs for...

Chilmark bids its graduates farewell

Yes, it is really June and weekends are swelling with visitors and activities in Chilmark. I just returned Sunday from getting my certification as...

From pre-wedding softball to the Blessing of the Fleet: Busy weekend in Chilmark

The CCC playing field came to life Saturday morning with at least 40 people enjoying an all-ages softball game for a weekend of celebration culminating in Sunday’s wedding at The Beach Plum Inn of longtime summer resident, filmmaker Jackson Waite and his new bride, novelist and contributor to Esquire, Lisa Taddeo.

Chilmark mourns Pat Gregory

Summer’s coming.

Chilmark: store is open, farms full of greens

On my way home I thought I could catch the end of opening day at the Chilmark General Store, but missed it only to find a couple of mothers minding their young kids toddling and crawling on the front porch. I heard that the porch was full at lunchtime and an opening day crowd enjoyed themselves.

Poets’ Corner: Part One

Valerie Sonnenthal joined the Cleaveland House Poets when she moved to the Vineyard in 2006, She publishes Errata Edition Books on Books series and can be found cooking, swimming, listening to writers, and walking her dogs when she is not teaching or studying Gyrotonic movement, how our feet behave, and any ironic poetic thing.

Poets Corner: Distance

DistanceDistance suits you so well, familiarlike a worn suit, the one you chooseDistance, her long waiting curves you driveyour hands around her sleek horizonsinging...