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The Martha's Vineyard Times

The Martha's Vineyard Times is a weekly publication.
July 14 - July 20, 2005 Edition
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Prepare for Mercury retrograde...
July 14, 2005

By Arlan Wise

Mercury begins another retrograde period on July 22. It will last until August 15 and highlight the sign of Leo, moving between 20 and 8 degrees of that sign. The place where those degrees fall in your chart becomes activated and shows you what needs revision. You have one week to get ready for retrograde Mercury. Think about it as a positive time to rearrange your thinking and get rid of the stuck and stuffy places in your mind. An unresolved issue or problem will surface as soon as Mercury goes retrograde. Something that you’ve been ignoring shows up in your life and demands resolution. You have to focus on this task at hand and give it your full attention. There is no more time for denial.

This retrograde period will be different as it coincides with Saturn’s recent entry into Leo. The theme of your difficulties will change. Saturn in Leo brings up issues of loving, confidence, and creativity. You will be challenged to examine what you think about yourself and how you take care of yourself.

Thursday, July 14 Moon in Libra. You should be able to smooth out any problems that came from yesterday’s spaciness. You can find a way to rebalance relationships and bring things back to an even keel. You’ll feel more oriented to people and social gatherings than to work. Buy a piece of art for your home. Take a friend to dinner. Bring a bouquet of flowers.

Friday, July 15 Moon in Scorpio. Today has good energy, which can propel you to wind up some personal business. It’s time to put an emotional dilemma to rest. Today is the last day for the next 30 years that Saturn will be in the sign of Cancer. Expect a last-minute test of your home and family issues. It’s a day to let go, but it won’t be easy.

Saturday, July 16 Moon in Scorpio. Saturn enters Leo at 8:34 am. The day will feel unstable as we all adjust to this new energy. It’s a lovely weekend and a good time to be with the ones who mean something to you. Make a commitment to your loved one. Plant: it’s a fertile time.

Sunday, July 17 Moon in Sagittarius. Go outside and spend the day hiking and picnicking and biking and exploring a new area. Go on an impromptu lover’s holiday. Give yourself a day devoted to pleasure. Go back to a favorite childhood sport. It’s a day for outdoor summer fun.

Monday, July 18 Moon in Sagittarius. You’ll have to buckle down to stay inside and work today, as this is the last workweek before Mercury goes retrograde. Take care of long distance customers, clients, and deals. Reconfirm airline tickets and other travel reservations.

Tuesday, July 19 Moon VC Sagittarius, enters Capricorn 9:26 am. This is the day to get the next three weeks’ work done. You’ll be able to focus and work with discipline and determination. Stay late and use this energy. Finalize your deals. Buy the big-ticket items. Sign the legal documents.

Wednesday, July 20 Moon in Capricorn. Stay at it and continue to work hard and long. Get everything organized and in order so you can slide through the retrograde Mercury period. Make schedules and set goals. Be productive and work late into the evening. Saturn and Chiron face off asking you to examine and then heal old wounds about guilt, giving and receiving, and true responsibility.

Thursday, July 21
Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 8:55 am. Today’s full moon will show you the consequences of past actions, both good and bad. It feels like a day of reckoning, another test by Saturn to see how you learned the lessons of the past three years. You may be forced to bring something to completion. This is the last day of Cancer and the last day before Mercury changes direction.

Friday, July 22 Moon in Aquarius. The sun enters Leo at 1:41pm and heads for meetings with Saturn and Chiron. This makes the next few days serious ones where you will have to be responsible and take care of business. This is not a signal for summer fun. Venus enters Virgo to give us a sense of the reality of our dreams and relationships. She adds joy to work. Mercury turns retrograde at 11 pm.

Saturday, July 23 Moon in Pisces. The sun and Saturn have their yearly meeting but in a new location. You will see the reality or falsehood of your love life. You will get a sense of yourself in terms of confidence or insecurity. What happens today can be a foreshadowing of the next two and a half years. It’s time to get serious.

Sunday, July 24 Moon in Pisces, VC 8:19 pm. Take the day to reflect on your life and what feels good and what doesn’t. Chill out by the water. Meditate. Realize that you can’t solve all your problems in one day. Listen to your dreams, both the sleeping and waking kind.

Monday, July 25 Moon VC Pisces enters Aries 9:22 am. You’ll feel like making a fresh start. It’s a tricky time to begin a new venture unless it has been already planned out. Do some physical activity to use up some of your extra energy. Things will flow well today; enjoy it.

Tuesday, July 26 Moon in Aries. You’ll have a good amount of self-confidence to sell your stuff. Send out any written or spoken proposals you have written. Speak your ideas into a tape recorder to make sure you don’t lose them. It’s a day to be creative in all areas of your life.

Wednesday, July 27 Moon in Aries, VC from 1:23 pm until 1:54 pm when it enters Taurus. Feel your energy and do what you want to. This is the last day when you can move at a rapid speed. You’ll feel your feet touch the ground tonight and start to see the obstacles in your way. Garden in the evening.

Thursday, July 28 Moon in Taurus. Mars enters Taurus and challenges Saturn and Chiron; this changes the energy pattern. You will have to slow down, do things the right way, and stop cutting corners. If you rush, you may fail. People will feel wounded today. It’s a great day to plant. Take care of yourself by pampering your senses in your favorite way.
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