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The Martha's Vineyard Times

The Martha's Vineyard Times is a weekly publication.
July 14 - July 20, 2005 Edition
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July 14, 2005

By Gail Craig - 508-627-3754 -

In the funny ironies of the world, last week’s column about the summer friendships we build as kids came to life for me. Last Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting up with an old summer friend of mine, whom I’ve not seen in years. The last thing I remember doing with Teri Bruscino, now Flaherty, was going to see the movie “Bambi” together, which gives you some idea of how old we were. I’m sure we saw each other after that, but we grew apart, as often happens. Over the years, I have thought often of Teri and our friendship and considered trying to get in touch with her. I figured she’d never remember me so I never stuck my neck out. She apparently felt the same way but did send me a lovely note when she heard my mom had passed away. We e-mailed pictures back and forth and reconnected and last week, when Teri and I, and our kids, met up at the playground and had a great time catching up and playing. We both saw our younger selves in each other’s children and I thought that it was someone’s way of bringing me my wish to recapture the summer joys of my youth. One never knows what one will get when one throws wishes up to the winds of heaven.

I’ve been told that Island painter Paco Santana is doing very well following his accident a while back. Paco has been moved to a rehabilitation center and is talking and recognizing people. While it isn’t clear what his full recovery will be at this point, he is doing remarkably well and hopes are high. So many Islanders are pulling for him and helping support him, his family, and all of his employees. It’s wonderful to see such a wonderful outpouring of support and a strong bonding experience between the Vineyard and Brazilian communities. Please keep Paco in your thoughts and prayers.

Don’t forget the hazardous waste drop-off at the Chappy Community Center this Saturday, July 16, 7 to 9 am. Batteries, chemicals, paints (not latex), gasoline, kerosene, paint thinners, dry wall compound, rimless tires, and used oil will be accepted. No propane bottles, please.

Happy birthday to Scott Ellis, who celebrated ages ago but didn’t tell me until late. Happy birthday wishes of the biggest and best kind also go out to my mother in law, Shirley Craig, who, although she is another year older, is still as young and lovely as she always was! And former Edgartown girl Nancy Corwin celebrates her birthday on July 15, while her daughter, Anna Banana, celebrated on July 10.

Enjoy the island this week. Everything is beautiful here, with trees and gardens in full bloom. Hummingbirds are making their appearances at my feeders. Corn, which, as we all know is truly the manna of the Gods come August, is growing in Morning Glory Farm’s fields.

A fabulous artist I knew used to say, “There’s a lot of pink in nature.” So, this week, do as she did. Go out, look at some beautiful scenery, squint your eyes, and notice all the pink. It really is there. And then, open your eyes and bask in the beautiful glow of summer on Martha’s Vineyard and remember why you are here.

Have a great week.
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