Astrology - Ready, set, retrograde...

By Arlan Wise - November 3, 2005

If we compare retrograde Mars to running through the mud with your heavy boots on, then Mercury turning retrograde next week will feel like the rain has resumed to make the mud more gooey. Life will get stickier and more complicated. It will be hard to make plans, shop for what you want, and finalize anything. Mercury turns retrograde on Nov. 14 and will stay that way until Dec. 3. Mars ends his retrograde period on Dec. 9.

Mercury moves backwards from 10 degrees of Sagittarius to 24 degrees of Scorpio. He receives a jolt of energy from Uranus who changes direction at the same time as Mercury. Expect unexpected revelations of information, brilliant insights and inventive thoughts. Please pay attention and be careful to avoid accidents, especially when traveling. This is an excellent time to re-edit your work.

Thursday, Nov. 3 Moon in Sagittarius. The sun and Saturn square off to make today one of those reality checks where you see the glaring truth. You are asked to look deep within to see what is blocking you from shining. Express your creativity in all that you do. Think about what you want to study and where you want to travel during the winter.

Friday, Nov. 4 Moon in Sagittarius. Finish the workweek with an optimistic outlook. Finalize travel plans for the next month; make reservations and buy tickets. Buy books you want to study. Take time for physical activity and some friendly competition. It's a good night to wear yourself out by dancing.

Saturday, Nov. 5 Moon VC Sagittarius, enters Capricorn 1:17 pm. This is a morning to sleep in. Hang around the house in the morning doing the catch-up chores or just lazing about. Venus enters Capricorn to give you a more realistic view on love and money and tell you it's time to get serious in both areas. Find an unusual kind of entertainment for tonight.

Sunday, Nov. 6 Moon in Capricorn, VC 3:18 pm. Today's energy pattern is the opposite of yesterday's. Get all the chores and work done in the first part of the day and then call time out. The moon contacts Chiron and gives you the receptivity to understand what is bothering you. The sun challenges Neptune asking you to look at the fantasies you believe and if they help or hinder your life.

Monday, Nov. 7 Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 4:31 pm. Today is the midpoint of this retrograde Mars cycle. Watch the events and feelings that happen today and try to relate them to something within you that wants to come to awareness. It is a good time to reevaluate your direction. If you must start something, hold off on new projects until tomorrow.

Tuesday, Nov. 8 Moon in Aquarius. Get as much done today as you can. Two days this week are void of course, and Mercury turns retrograde on Monday. Use this time well while you have the energy running with you. It's a lucky day, push your limits a bit, take a calculated risk. Set up work for tomorrow so you won't have to think or make decisions.

Wednesday, Nov. 9 Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 7:22 pm. With the moon VC all day, it's a good day to get lost in the library, do some serious surfing on the Internet, or go through all those trade journals and magazines that you've been meaning to read. Volunteer your time and energy towards a community project.

Thursday, Nov. 10 Moon in Pisces. Today is the last full workday when you can be proactive before Mercury starts moving backwards. Fight against the feeling that you don't want to do it, and do it. Go down the list of things to do and get necessary items ordered, sign any pending contract, have important conversations.

Friday, Nov. 11 Moon in Pisces, VC from 10:33 am until 10:22 pm when it enters Aries. Use the short amount of time in the morning before the moon goes VC to get the day's work done. You'll feel like spacing out and drifting along once the moon goes VC. Do your volunteer work. Give generously to a relief organization. It's a good day to take a rest.

Saturday, Nov. 12 Moon in Aries. Get out and have some fun. Try to have a new experience. Release stress and pressure while you work out, run, ride, or challenge yourself physically. Move at your own pace, as you won't want to wait for anyone or anything. It's easy to get people angry; be aware of your actions and how they affect others to avoid conflict.

Sunday, Nov. 13 Moon in Aries, VC 2:07 pm. You need to be able to be spontaneous, so keep time available to do what you want. The warrior in you is active today. Practice martial arts if you know any. Challenge a friend to a game of chess or Go. Make a lot of phone calls.

Monday, Nov. 14 Moon in Taurus. Mercury turned retrograde right after midnight. It may take some time to get oriented to the new energy. You'll move slowly and will take the path of least resistance. Your focus returns to the material world and the beauty around you.

Tuesday, Nov. 15 Moon in Taurus, VC 7:57 pm. It's a shaky day as Uranus changes direction this evening at the time of the full moon. Something that has been at a standstill will be blown apart. You'll get a hit of insight into your problems. Be extra careful when handling anything dangerous. Drive defensively. Find time to be quiet and still. Meditate.

Wednesday, Nov. 16 Moon in Gemini. This is when the communication problems begin. You have to slow down and double check everything you write before you send it. Have people repeat what you said to make sure it's right. Your mind will be scooting all over the place and you will have to work to make it focus.

Thursday, Nov. 17 Moon in Gemini. Read the magazines, newsletters, e-files, and other printed matter that is clogging up your desk. Recycle the doubles of the catalogs that are sitting around. It's a day for a lot of little tasks. You'll want to stop and talk with everyone you see. Use the energy of the day to gather the information you need.