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By Jacqueline Sexton
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By Jacqueline Sexton - January 5, 2006

My first New Year's resolution is to write this column; so here goes:

The library starts off the year with a full roster of Friends. With Marvin Joslow as president, the other officers are Jack Newhall, vice-president, Bill Gamson, treasurer, and Becky Kaplan, secretary. Other board members include Rhoda Diamond, Marcie Slater, Linda Thompson, Carol Merry, Vicky Bartels, Jill Bernstein, Sharon Eber, and Marcia Randol.

Ralph and Ethel Sherman were surprised by an early morning telephone call on the day after Christmas. Their grandson, Dwayne Bensing had driven from West Fork, Arkansas, and was in Woods Hole and planning to come over for a visit. Dwayne is a junior at the University of Arkansas and a straight-A student who is involved in the Junior Democratic Party and was a delegate at the Democratic National Convention in Boston. After a day with his grandparents, he drove on to Boston to visit friends before heading for New York City to watch the ball drop. Great way to spend the Christmas break!

Chilmark students return to school today from their Christmas break. The 13th issue of their school newspaper, the Chilmark Times, came out at the end of December and, as usual, offered a wide variety of news, complete with color photos from the up-and-coming generation. Fifth grader Zoli Clarke and fourth grader Alistair Morgan wrote the cover story, comparing their different perspectives on the Shenandoah trip at the beginning of the school year. In fact, many of the features in this issue of the Times contained references to what the fourth and fifth graders liked or didn't like and what they learned from their Shenandoah experience. The books and poetry they reviewed tended to focus on sailing and the sea. Ian Bardwell chose "lazy jacks" as his word to stump classmates and teachers and parents. How many readers of this column know what it means? Check the column next week for the answer. Galen Mayhew and Josh Bernstein wrote about Devil's Bridge for the history article, and Chantal Booker did the word list for the entertainment section. K/1 and 2/3 news were covered in Happenings in the East Wing.