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By Gail Craig
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Town Column


By Gail Craig - January 5, 2006

Happy New Year, everyone! The New Year brings with it such hopes for the future, doesn't it? We can put all the disappointing things from last year behind us and start anew. We can hope for a few less tragedies, personal and worldwide, man-made or natural, and do what we can as individuals to bring about a better year ahead. We can make resolutions to improve ourselves and our own lives, or we can seek to improve the world around us. We can do a little or a lot. It really is a chance to bring about positive change or just keep up the good work that you may already have been doing.

I feel like I must have been channeling my mother the other day, doing what she used to do after each Christmas. I had been eyeing some wonderful baby dolls at the Stop & Shop before the holiday, thinking they'd be the best dolls for the Red Stocking Fund, although at the time they were too expensive. But, I put them in the back of my mind and kept my eye out when I was grocery shopping this week and was delighted to see them for half price in the front of the store one night. However, in my endeavor to gather toys for next year, and at the wise suggestion of a gentleman in line ahead of me, I talked with a manager, who agreed to decrease the price further if I bought all 12 dolls. As it was too good a deal to pass up, I bought them all. Now I'll just have to remember where I put them all when next Christmas rolls around. Thank you, Stop & Shop!

Tom and Betty Burke, long-time residents of Katama, hosted a restful family "reunion" over the Christmas weekend, with decorations provided by daughter Karen. Their son Kevin was able to escape from the snows of Colorado to enjoy our balmy weather. The Ogden Family, Drew, Stephanie (Burke), Lily, and Ashley, of Sunapee, N.H., were also here for the fun and festivities. Tom suggested that I may want to edit his e-mail (above) a bit but I quite like the way he wrote it so, except for a slight change to comply with the newspaper's preferences, I kept it intact.

Tom's e-mail brought about a bit of the "small world" experience as well. He apparently is old friends with Neil Patt, who is a dear friend of my in-laws, Phil and Shirley Craig. Apparently Neil and Tom worked together in their "off-Island lives," and still get together to enjoy one another's company on-Island as well. And, something I learned recently, Tom's kids were quite friendly with my grandfather, Louie Goodwin, when he had a garden out at Katama Farm. Though I was friends with Kevin years ago, I never knew that he had known my grandfather and I assume he never realized that I was related to Louie either. It's funny how lives can dance and intertwine with each other without anyone's realizing. Sometimes, like in this story, you learn the connections. But imagine how many connections we all have to each other that we may not even realize.

We enjoyed another holiday party this evening, this time an open house at Kevin and Joanne Ryan's home for New Year's. They always have a wonderful array of food, friends, and family, not necessarily in that order, and I always manage to meet at least one new person at this annual event. It was nice to see Jonathan, who is home from Emerson College on break for a couple more weeks. College life seems to be suiting him just fine, and he is quite happy with his path.

Keep in mind that the Edgartown Council on Aging has Emergency Storm Kits available, which include a flashlight, battery-operated light, and safety information. You can contact them at 508-627-4368 if you need one of the kits. And if you provide your name and contact information, they will contact you in the event of a storm to make sure you are safe.

As promised in last week's column, eating better has already begun. Now that my foot has healed from a running-induced injury in November, I should be able to get back out there, albeit even slower than before. And my husband was kind enough to support my weird ideas by purchasing snowshoes for me for Christmas, which either guarantees me winter exercise or no snow. Either way, I'm happy. Now I just need to work on more sleep. That will be the hardest one. I'm a night owl so not prone to early to bed. Unfortunately, the kids usually force the early to rise bit so I'm usually operating at less than full throttle. But, in an attempt to live better, I will try to get at least eight hours of sleep a night. Starting tomorrow. Or maybe the next day. Or the day after that.

Happy New Year! Have a great week.