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By Kay Mayhew
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By Kay Mayhew - January 5, 2006

Happy New Year!

We have a holiday tradition in our family. When my son was rather small, one of the relatives gave him a small, very plain, roughly carved, unpainted wooden duck. It was too large for a small hand to hold easily. It was not very pretty to look at, and it could not float. But when he asked what it was for, my husband assured him that it was a "duck gift." Now the family members seem to go out of their way to find the perfect duck gift. The duck gift, whether intentionally chosen or not, has probably given the family more pleasure over the years than anything else.

One of my treasured gifts this year was the new screensaver created by Louisa Gould. Her sister knew that I would agree that the Island scenes Louisa captured are really beautiful. Just like our Island, each scene is better than the last.

Our Tisbury Senior Center keeps offering us a taste of culture. Next Monday the Berlioz "Symphony Fantastique" will be featured by musicologist Charles Blank at 1 pm. Hector Berlioz was a "hippy" more than a century before it was fashionable in the 1960s. Learn about his drug-induced work, which turned out to be one of the masterpieces in the history of music. The talk is in preparation for the BSO presentation on Jan. 13. This version will be accompanied by musical CD illustrations. You are all welcome, and it is free.

Just before Christmas, the senior center hosted a dramatic reading of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." It was narrated by Leslie J. Stark and featured Commander Jim Dorsey, Anne Good, Dr. Jay Sigler, Eleanor Beth, Meverell Good, Joy Stuart Bergstrom, and Myra Stark. The program was joyfully appreciated.

Norma Jones said, "I enjoyed it very much. I think they did a wonderful job." Edith Bennett suggested, "This is what Christmas is supposed to be: it's about taking care of those less fortunate than us. I think Charles Dickens was a revolutionary in his time. He got the Queen to see the bleak situation, and she organized orphanages for the children because of him."

Betty Gardner called it "A nice Christmas present." She said, "It reminded me of the old times when people used to read to each other. Charles Dickens did that. He went around reading the story to people in various towns."

Belated birthday greetings go out to Peter VanTassel, Toby Riseborough, and Denise Dorsey Cafarelli. They celebrated at the end of last year. Steve Bernier partied on January first. The second day of the new year belongs to John Chapman, a big birthday this year. Young Romeo Bonelli marked his day yesterday.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out to Judy Belushi Pisano on Saturday. You may find her at the new Belushi Pisano Gallery. Sunday is a special day for Allyson Wajda. Wish the best on Monday to Wesley Rice. Tuesday is a big day for David Burt.

Heard on Main Street: "Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut."