Town Column

West Tisbury

By Hermine Hull
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Town Column

West Tisbury

By Hermine Hull - January 5, 2006

Town has been bustling with comings and goings for the holiday weekends. The mild weather and gradually lengthening days made perfect weather for enjoying beach walks and family parties. I have just been throwing on a sweater to go outside all week and even got some last-minute chores done in the yard. It has been great to be outside.

Joan and Pat Jenkinson had a full house for Christmas. Holly was here with her husband, Marco Bario, and their children, Emma and Petey, to join Patrick, Wendy, Wyatt, and Marguerite. The Barios left Tuesday to visit Marco's parents before returning to California.

Keston and Emily Smith were here from Norwich, Vt., to spend Christmas with Woolcott, Leah, and Amelia Smith on Tiah's Cove Road. Carol and Peter Petraikis arrived from Rutledge, Penn., to celebrate the New Year.

Karen Colaneri called last night with news of her household. Nicole is home for the winter (actually, renting a house in Edgartown, but on the Island) to work on her new novel. She has traveled throughout Europe doing research, including the UK, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Greece, and Turkey. Son, Hong Ly, and grandsons, Michael and Andy, were here from Leeds, Mass. Sara and Mark Bonneau arrived the following day from Barrington, R.I., with their sons, Nicholas, Ryan, and Sean. Grandmother Hazel Colaneri joined everyone at Mike and Karen's house for Christmas dinner. Karen said it was a "crazy, wonderful time" having the whole family together. She and Mike were exhausted, but they had enjoyed every minute of their family's reunion.

Ken and Jeanne Francis spent Christmas visiting their sons and family off-Island. The Tuesday after Christmas, their daughter arrived on the Island from Virginia with her husband and children.

Glenn and Linda Hearn spent Christmas off-Island with their daughter, Susan Collins, and her family in Rockport. They also stopped in to visit Mark and Renee Hearn in Abingdon along their way home. I saw Linda in the library parking lot last week, alighting from her handsome new dark-green Chevy Trailblazer. She says it does everything but drive for her, being equipped with all the latest technological bells and whistles. She is getting used to it all. I miss her old Bravada, more for the name than anything, but we do get attached to our old workhorses. I still miss my Trooper. Automatic door locks are a pain in the neck.

Mike got a call from Carolyn Murphy to open up the house on Music St. for her and Stephen to arrive on New Year's Eve. They are here for a few days before returning to Connecticut.

Ellen Weiss has returned to her usual winter life as a professor at Tulane in New Orleans.

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Brianna Pate, who turned nine years old on Dec. 27. She celebrated her birthday in Florida with her parents and three siblings, visiting great-grandmothers Betty Keniston and Everel Black, grandfather Chris Keniston, uncle Rob Keniston and his daughter, Clareese.

Phebe Bates of Oak Lane turned 15 on January 3. Happy Birthday, Phebe.

Duncan MacDonald wants everyone to know that the 20th anniversary meeting of the Scottish Society of Martha's Vineyard will be televised on MVTV Channel 13 this Friday evening, January 6, at 7 pm. A portrait of President George Washington will be presented to Principal Michael Halt of the West Tisbury School. Linda Ashbridge, regent of the local DAR, and Past regent Irene Resendes both appear in the video.

Young people and their families are invited to the West Tisbury Library this Sunday afternoon, Jan. 8, at 2 pm for Guys Read! a story time with firefighter, father, and reader, Manny Estrella IV.

I'm off for a walk with Tallulah while the weather holds. We are expecting rain and heavy wind by this afternoon. Mike is outside doing some shingling, the final courses on the addition. A combination of rain and snow is predicted for the rest of the week. It will be nice to settle down to quiet time after all the festivities of the past few weeks, to paint, write, read, and think by the woodstove. And to pet my puppy.