Venus reviews love and money...

By Arlan Wise -

It will be no surprise to anyone at this point to learn that this Venus retrograde period, which began Christmas Eve, is forcing a review of your relationships and your money. It is not the time to make major changes in either area, but to look at the issues from a different position. You need to see aspects of yourself that are normally hidden from view, and see how they influence your current involvement in the areas of love and money. When you think back, you will hear echoes of a situation in 1998 that was similar to these present circumstances.

It is common for old friends, lovers, and/or enemies, to reappear. Sometimes there is unfinished business to take care of, sometimes it's a second chance to make it work, or just a time to say hello again. It's a time to examine your current relationship in terms of its value to you. Are your needs being met? Can you compromise? Be aware that your judgment of what something is worth and your sense of value is altered now. Avoid impulse buying.

Retrograde Venus is a fine time to finish your artistic work. Bring your projects to completion or discard them. Evaluate your finances and investigate investment options.

Venus ends her retrograde period on February 3 at 16 degrees of Capricorn.

Thursday, Jan. 12 Moon in Cancer. The energy moves from mind to emotions. Make your workplace more comfortable. Make your home extra ready for the cold temperatures and storms and power outages. Your security feels important today. People are moody and can't explain why. Trust your hunches.

Friday, Jan. 13 Moon in Cancer. Today is the middle of this Venus retrograde period. Venus and the sun meet to give you the bottom line concerning your love and money. Everyone is sensitive today, be careful with the words you use. It's a fertile moon; try to force a bulb or an idea. Cook the family's favorite meal for dinner.

Saturday, Jan. 14 Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 4:31 pm. It's a stay in bed as long as you can, hang around the house in your sweatpants kind of day. Today's full moon lights up the retrograde Venus matters to help you intuit your way through the relationship maze. It's party night tonight. Get out and have fun.

Sunday, Jan. 15 Moon in Leo. You'll want to be out of the house today. Mars and Jupiter face off to give you excess energy; use them as a springboard to achieve success. Listen to your creative side and do what it says. It's a good day to sell yourself or your products.

Monday, Jan. 16 Moon in Leo, VC 7:35 pm. It's a great day to play. Make it a fun day if you have it off as a holiday. Lighten up at work and find a way to have fun. Spend time with children and enter their world. Be generous with your hugs and kisses. Write a big check to a charity that helps children.

Tuesday, Jan. 17 Moon in Virgo. This is a terrific workday and the best one of the week. Do the most important work today. You can accomplish what you set out to do. You will have the skill to put your ideas into pleasing words. You can clear up misunderstandings. It's a good day to set up new schedules.

Wednesday, Jan. 18 Moon in Virgo. Today is the day to express the service side of the Virgo moon. Neptune and Mars influence today's energy, which is best used to help others. Volunteer to help someone fix something. Work on the details of your artistic work. Give yourself a break; get to bed early.

Thursday, Jan. 19 Moon in Virgo, VC from 5:12 pm until 5:49 pm when it enters Libra. Today is the last day of Capricorn; it is the end of the earthy energy you'll feel for a while. Take advantage of this emphasis on practicality and pragmatism. Work hard, get something done, make a structure, and put something into form.

Friday, Jan. 20 Moon in Libra. The sun entered Aquarius right after midnight. The element emphasis shifts to air, life lightens up, it's easier to detach and not takes things personally. You can relate to another without an emotional undercurrent. You'll be more interested in thoughts, art, and seeing the big picture.

Saturday, Jan. 21 Moon in Libra. Take your partner and go away on a romantic weekend. Forget about any conflicts or tension and go somewhere you've never been to as a couple. Visit museums and art galleries. Listen to live music. Shop for beautiful clothes, jewelry, and antiques. Enjoy being together.

Sunday, Jan. 22 Moon in Scorpio. Mercury enters Aquarius to add to the airy atmosphere. Your mind will wander into "what if..." places now. Take some time to be alone and dig deeply into what is bothering you. Follow your desires and do what pleases you. Examine an old hurt and get rid of it.

Monday, Jan. 23 Moon in Scorpio, VC 4:53 pm. The sun and Chiron have their yearly meeting to discuss who and what needs healing. Someone may say the right words to help you heal wounds in your self-esteem. Review your health insurance, your health care and therapy options. You can heal yourself today.

Tuesday, Jan. 24 Moon VC Scorpio, enters Sagittarius 1:38 pm. The morning is for finishing up work. It's the time to bring things to an end. Give another look for misplaced stuff and do some laundry. The energy lightens up in the afternoon and you'll want to go outside and play. Mercury meets up with Chiron to continue sober healing discussions. Make sure to write down the insights you receive today.

Wednesday, Jan. 25 Moon in Sagittarius. You'll be thinking and talking all day about ideas and big picture visions. Meet with a group to discuss moral issues and cultural views. It's book group day. Investigate foreign places for travel opportunities. Try to fit in some physical competition as well as intellectual.

Thursday, Jan. 26 Moon in Sagittarius, VC from 10:24 am until 5:31 pm when it enters Capricorn. Mercury and the sun meet, they offer a plethora of ideas to stimulate your mind. Hold back on acting on them. You can express yourself clearly today and get your point across. You will be able to sell anyone anything.