Oak Bluffs
Posted January 12, 2006

By Megan Alley - 508-693-0850 - Meganislandmegan@verizon.net

Patricia Costa was honored at a dinner party on Jan. 6 at Le Grenier on the occasion of a milestone birthday. The attendees all wore hats of various styles as a tribute to Patricia's up-to-date fashion sense. Those attending were her sister Ginnie Hall, cousin Elaine Carroll, Marie Bernett, Lynie Bernardin, Nancy Billings, Judy Williamson, Gaynell DeBettencourt, Diane Clausen, Jane Macuen, Lou Healey and Katherine Colon, and Pat Alley. A proper champagne toast and best wishes were extended to the honoree by all her friends.

And we send birthday smiles this week to my grandson Sam Alley, Jenny Jenkinson and Richard Combra, Jr. all on Jan 11; and to two women who know how to live right, both celebrating on Jan. 13: Genevieve Rogers who will be 90 and Gert Knowlton who will be 94 and in the words of her daughter Rosemary "still going strong!" Tyson Araujo and Jessica Peters will both celebrate on Jan. 16.

We send speedy recovery wishes to Oak Bluffs School Principal Laury Binney who is recovering after surgery in Boston.

Check out our library on Fri., Jan. 13 as they are having a PIG PARTY based on Laura Numeroff's book, "If You Give A Pig A Party." There will be pig blowers and party hats the kids can decorate themselves with mini markers they can take home. Limited to 25 children and will be first come first serve starting at 3:30 pm

Shirley Cooledge, who is a sister of Nancy Billings and has visited here every summer for over 40 years, was recently named one of the "Extraordinary Women of Southwest Florida" at an awards banquet in Naples. She has been a Guardian-ad-Litem for the children of Naples for many years. Also she visits the sick at Naples Community Hospital weekly, teaches reading to women at Immokalee, has been active in the development of St. Matthews House for the homeless and is a volunteer for Compassionate Friends for people who have lost a child as well as being active in her church. Needless to say, Nancy and her friends here as well as at home are very proud of her! Shirley and her husband, John, always enjoy their visits to the Vineyard in August. They have two children: Commander Scott Cooledge of Virginia and Mrs. Dennis Stefanacci, a Skin Specialist in Naples.

The Friends of Oak Bluffs as well as everyone else are much indebted to Highway Superintendent Richie Combra, Chris Gibson and their great crew for doing such a wonderful job in decorating our Town for the Holidays. We thank them very much for their extra efforts!

I have received a few calls from people who seem to be unable to find the Town Columns on line on the new Times web site. Once you have the web site you must actually Click on Calendar. That opens up "Town Columns" which you must click on to open up. Hope this helps.

Now is the time of year when it seems as if we are settling down for "our long winter's nap." Even Sophie, my yellow lab, heads for bed earlier each night. She comes to me when I am sitting in the chair and stares at my feet until I remove my shoes and socks. Softly she gathers my socks, along with a toy of her choice in her mouth, and does her evening "parade" throughout the house doing the proud "lab wag" as she struts her stuff. When she tires of this, she heads to the bedroom where she somehow manages to get all of her 96 lbs., along with everything she has gathered along the parade route, onto the foot of the bed on her first try. There she settles in for the night, content and happy, oblivious to the fact that the bed is not hers but mine.

Enjoy your week and this slower time of year and send your news along to me.