Happy Chinese New Year...

By Arlan Wise -

The new moon in Aquarius ushers in the Chinese Year of the Dog on Jan. 29. It is the year of the red fire dog, to be specific. It is said that dog years are filled with harmony and optimism. They are also known for natural disasters. Get ready for another year of wild weather. Dog years have a focus on children with a rise in the birthrate. It is said to be a gentler time for relationships, so all the work you did during Venus retrograde will pay off. Those born in 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, and 1994 are all dogs and are having a special year. Think back to those years to see how your life was during a dog year.

Venus ends her retrograde period on Feb. 3 at 16 degrees of Capricorn. You can slowly pick up the pieces and start to rebuild. It will take Venus until March 8 to move past the degree where she started to retrograde. You'll be working on the old issues until then, but with a new perspective.

Mercury turns retrograde on March 2 until March 25.

Thursday, Jan. 26 Moon in Sagittarius, VC from 10:24 am until 5:31 pm when it enters Capricorn. Mercury and the sun meet, they offer a plethora of ideas to stimulate your mind. Hold back on acting on them. You can express yourself clearly today and get your point across. You will be able to sell anyone anything.

Friday, Jan. 27 Moon in Capricorn. It's a serious day with Saturn, ruler of today's moon sign, in Capricorn and standing opposite the sun. It's a day of reckoning. It's a day then you see the reality of the bottom line. You will see the good as well as the bad, and be able to get a good sense of your accomplishments. Work long and hard today - you'll get a rest tomorrow.

Saturday, Jan. 28 Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 6:09 pm. Today is a day to spend finishing up old work, old business, and old responsibilities. Review your financial goals as well your more personal ones. Complete your plans, finish making schedules, and discard old papers and files. It's the dark of the moon - do a ritual.

Sunday, Jan. 29 Moon in Aquarius. Today is the Chinese New Year. Celebrate in some way. Take your dog on a long walk at his favorite place. It will be a serious month (and year, as today's chart describes the Chinese new year) ahead, shown by the new moon in connection to Saturn and Chiron. Read the Sunday papers and decide how you want to help alleviate any of the world's problems.

Monday, Jan. 30 Moon in Aquarius, VC from 11 am until 5:32 pm when it enters Pisces. Work double time in the morning. You have a few very good work hours. Use the afternoon for cleaning the office, having brainstorming meetings. Leave early and go exercise if you can.

Tuesday, Jan. 31 Moon in Pisces. Your intuition is strong; use it. People will call you away from work. It's hard to say no today, your boundaries are slippery. You'll be more effective when helping others than when concentrating on your own stuff. Give in to the desire to drift and daydream; it can be quite creative.

Wednesday, Feb. 1 Moon in Pisces, VC from 11:06 am until 5:46 pm, when it enters Aries. Today follows Monday's pattern, work very hard in the morning hours, coast during the afternoon. Your mind is fertile, creative, and imaginative with an assist from Neptune. Write poems, draw, dance, compose music, read myths.

Thursday, Feb. 2 Moon in Aries. Today is Imbolic, also know as Candlemas. It marks the halfway point of the winter season and the returning of the light. It's time to turn your thoughts towards Spring. It will feel good to go into motion today and be able to work as long as you feel like it and see results. Work at your own pace.

Friday, Feb. 3 Moon in Aries, VC from 1:32 pm until 8:31 pm when it enters Taurus. Venus turned into direct motion at 4:19 am. You'll feel her change in direction when the moon enters her sign tonight. Spend the day on personal projects. Race down your list of errands and tasks. Tie up the loose ends and start your weekend early.

Saturday, Feb. 4 Moon in Taurus. It's a quiet, hunker-down-by-the-woodstove kind of weekend. Put your feet up and listen to music. You'll know by now what is of value to you and what your treasures are. Take time to please your senses. Treat yourself to a gourmet meal. Snuggle and cuddle with your loved one.

Sunday, Feb. 5 Moon in Taurus, VC 4 pm. It's a true lazy Sunday. Give yourself a break. Look through the seed catalogues and plan your dream garden. Tend to your houseplants. Take a nap. You'll find the energy for a long discussion or a writing session in the afternoon,

Monday, Feb. 6 Moon in Gemini. The sun meets Neptune today and all kinds of spiritual, mystical, and esoteric information is released. Try writing, drawing, or speaking into a tape recorder to capture some of these thoughts. It's a good day to take care of any work involving communication. This is not the day for tasks that need concentration.

Tuesday, Feb. 7 Moon in Gemini. Your mind is active and you want to be out and about. It's hard to sit in one spot today. It is a perfect day for multi-tasking and for having conference calls. You can handle a lot of input. Get together with friends for catch-up on the news. Meet with a group to talk tonight.

Wednesday, Feb. 8 Moon in Gemini, VC10:04 am until 11:33 am. Use the morning for thinking and being rational. Feelings override logic by the afternoon. Mercury enters Pisces and your ideas will be moistened with intuition and you'll lose your fixed opinions. Cook dinner for loved ones.

Thursday, Feb. 9 Moon in Cancer. You will appreciate the solace of home today. You're sensitive and feeling a bit insecure. You need your comfort foods and to be fed by one who loves you. Keep a low profile and avoid confrontations. Call Mom and check in on the family news. Go to bed early and catch up on your sleep.