Posted January 26, 2006

By Jacqueline Sexton - 508-645-2895 -

Big hugs and loving thoughts to the family of Richard Hull, who died at home last Sunday at midnight after a long illness. Special thoughts to his wife, Barbara, for her incredible grace and strength and to his children, Mike, Cecily and Jared and their families who, together, have been caring for him around the clock.

Newspaperman, fisherman, raconteur, Richard loved his life and lived it well. His buoyant spirit will be with us for a long time.

If all this sloppy weather we've been subjected to lately were snow, there would be a sense of exhilaration as skiers and sledders dug out their gear and dashed to the slopes. And the computer nerds would marvel at the ease with which they could investigate the skiing conditions in Chilmark without the bother of going out and looking for it.

As it is, the stampede to get away seems to have begun a little earlier than usual this year with masses of people heading off to Florida, various islands, and other exotic destinations. Poets and artists have traditionally taken advantage of the quiet to pursue their various creative instincts. Many of them are sharing their talents with others and giving workshops in everything from pottery to poetry at Featherstone Center for the Arts.

Seize the day!