Posted February 2, 2006

By Kay Mayhew - 508-693-2725 - kayanddonald@yahoo.com

Best wishes for a rapid recovery go to Elisha Smith. We hope you are feeling much better soon. Elisha was missed by us and by the members of the Scottish Society who gathered last weekend for a celebration of Robert Burns's birthday. Traditionally, they raise toasts to the President, the Queen, and Burns himself. There was also a toast to Jan Dorchester and Kay Stewart for all their work over the previous years. The members so enjoyed the auctioneering antics of Trip Barnes that the scholarship fund was well supplied.
There is a welcome breath of spring in the air: The Tisbury Travel Club is sponsoring a trip to the Boston Flower Show at Bayside Expo Center on Thursday, March 16. This year 's theme is "Welcome Home! Celebrating Our Great New England Landscape." It will feature a palette of new plants and plant species especially suited to our area as well as elaborate and beautiful gardens that reflect our diversity and traditions. Cost is $35 for round-trip charter coach and show. Reservations must be made by Feb. 9 at the Tisbury Senior Center, 508-696-4205. You now only have one more week.

Beethoven's Seventh Symphony will be the subject of a free presentation by musicologist Charles Blank at the Senior Center on Monday at 1 pm. By the time Beethoven wrote the symphony he was almost totally deaf. Yet it turned out to be one of the most popular of his nine symphonies; it's called the "Dance Symphony." Come and hear why. Anyone is welcome to attend the free program. A reminder to BSO fans - this piece is part of the February 10 BSO concert.

Sandy Whitworth reports there is a lot to learn about Medicare D and the various plans offered to Massachusetts residents. Plans vary and customer service seems to be different, depending on who you are trying to contact. After the May 15 deadline for signing up, there will be a surcharge which will accrue monthly for anyone signing up after that. There is a point of total accrued expenses at which payments cease and out of pocket begins. She says that if you have questions about the system, you should meet with our SHINE counselor. Appointments for this free service are available on Wednesday afternoons.

People ask what Islanders do in the winter. Of course, the answer really is whatever anyone else does in the winter. But the favorite Island pastime for the winter months is Island politics. Tisbury voters have until the end of February to sign up for a position on the ballot. We go to the polls to elect our local officials on April 18.

Happy Birthday today to Jessica Shannon. Tomorrow is a special day for Nancy Tutko Hanschka. Saturday belongs to Suzanne Crossland. On Monday wish the best to Rosemary Brown. Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out on Tuesday to Dan Harnen. He marks a special milestone this year.

Heard on Main Street: "If Superman could stop bullets with his chest, why did he always duck when someone threw a gun at him?"