West Tisbury
Posted February 2, 2006

By Hermine Hull - 508-693-2525 - hrmhull@gis.net

Julie Kimball stopped by last week, joyfully proclaiming the "almost end of January" her least-favorite month. I have always regarded January as a blissful gift of free time. The holidays are over and I don't have to start thinking about summer yet. It seems like a perfect respite of reading and thinking by the warmth of the woodstove, looking out the window, having projects or taking naps, dreaming about my garden but not actually having to dig in it.

The beginning of February brings lots to celebrate. Betty Haynes and her daughter Janice share a birthday on February 1. Janice's is a "significant" birthday this year, and she is having a party of friends from on and off Island that evening. It is alsoBob Salop's birthday, and I wish him a happy one.
Cynthia Riggs will host her Groundhog Day Party this Thursday evening from 5 to 7 pm at the Cleaveland House. It is another of my favorite annual events, an occasion to get together with friends and neighbors for a very convivial evening.

Jean Wexler wants to remind everyone that the Dumptique shed will be closed, as usual, for the month of February.

Saturday, Feb. 4, at 1 pm, there will be a meeting at Howes House for the Democratic caucus to choose delegates to the State Nominating Convention in June. Please call Cathy Brennan at 508-693-7305 for more information.

The Town Hall Building Committee met last Thursday to review plans submitted by Deborah Durland. The plan is very straightforward, no frills. The façade of the historic building has been maintained, but much of the character of the interior (wood floors, architectural details that recreate the original moldings, wainscoting, and trim) is sacrificed as being too expensive. Gone, too, are solar panels, an emergency generator, and anything "green" that would have made the building more efficient to run over the years to come.

Our next-door neighbor, Bob Fischer, called us Tuesday to offer his condolences for Richard and to tell us that his father-in-law, Ned McDonough, had died that day. Ned had also been able to be at home, the family assisted by Hospice and the VNS as we had been. We both commented that we felt like we were the only ones, that the care and time Emily Weatherall, Juleann VanBelle, Cynthia Barletta, and Christine Kurth spent with us was all the time in the world. I don't know how these amazing women did what they did. I am sure they were caring for other families at the same time, making sure they, too, felt like they were the only ones. Both Bob and Maureen and Mike and I, with all of our families, are grateful beyond words.