The pace picks up...

By Arlan Wise -

Venus is direct and Mars has left the degree where he retrograded and is almost finished with his eight-month stay in slow moving Taurus. This means that you can now handle your issues of love and money without fear of mistakes. You will find that you can move on faster and with direction. You may feel overwhelmed by choices but you will be able to do more than one thing when Mars enters the multi-tasking sign of Gemini.

Remember two things about reading this column. 1. VC moon periods are energy holes. It's an inner directed time. 2. The descriptions of the days are for everyone, not only for the person who has that sign as a sunsign. It will be a bit more intense when the moon is in your sun sign, but the commentary is for all signs. Think of this column as a weather report. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces moons are like rainy days. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius moons are hot and fiery. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius moon days are dry and thoughtful. Taurus, Capricorn, and Capricorn moons are earthy and stable.

Make good use of this forward moving good work energy while it's here. Mercury's next retrograde phase runs from March 2 until March 25.

Thursday, Feb. 9 Moon in Cancer. You will appreciate the solace of home today. You 're sensitive and feeling a bit insecure. You need your comfort foods and to be fed by one who loves you. Keep a low profile and avoid confrontations. Call Mom and check in on the family news. Go to bed early and catch up on your sleep.

Friday, Feb. 10 Moon in Cancer, VC from 3:53 pm until 10:44 pm when it enters Leo. Finish up your work and start the weekend early. This is a weekend to have fun. Buy your food and other supplies, and then clear the decks so you can have maximum free time to play.

Saturday, Feb. 11 Moon in Leo. It's a day to be open, generous, creative, loving, and to have a good time. You'll feel an inner "reality check" around noon as doubts pass through your mind. Be realistic in your self-assessment. Play with kids all afternoon and enjoy the moment. It's a night to let your romantic side have a say.

Sunday, Feb. 12 Moon in Leo. Focus your meditation on the sun. This full moon is in the sun's sign of Leo. The sun shines for all sentient beings; we all receive its light and warmth. Jupiter and Neptune influence this moon making it a good day to devote to your spiritual practice. Be loving and kind to everyone you see. Warm up a cold day.

Monday, Feb. 13 Moon VC Leo, enters Virgo 11:13 am. It will be hard to drag yourself to work; stay in bed and loaf if you can. Once the moon changes signs you'll catch up by working double-time. It's a good day to solve problems since you can have a double vision of both the big and little pictures, can see inside and outside of the box.

Tuesday, Feb. 14 Moon in Virgo. It will be a lovely Valentine's Day, with the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter, dancing with each other to bring you pleasure. You will hear a surprise or two and one may be what comes out of your own mouth. You still have Virgo's work energy to push you along and keep you focused so you can accomplish much.

Wednesday, Feb. 15 Moon in Virgo. Stick with the tough decisions and look for the answer. Your mind is sharp and you can ferret out the necessary details to make an intuitive leap of judgment. You can put things in order and get systems set up. Today is a day to work hard and keep long hours.

Thursday, Feb. 16 Moon in Libra. You'll take a deep breath and relax now. You won't feel as driven to work hard and will be content to live in the world of ideas, not action. Enjoy the peace of the day. It's a good day to solve those problems which need negotiation and a compromise. Seek out friends for meals and talks.

Friday, Feb. 17 Moon in Libra. Change is coming; it is the last day of Aquarius and the end of Mars's eight-month-long stay in Taurus. He enters Gemini at 5:44 pm. Life will start to move faster now. This evening holds a rare opportunity for minds to attract new ideas of consequence. Get together with a group and brainstorm.

Saturday, Feb. 18 Moon in Libra, VC from 11:59 am until 12:11 pm when it enters Scorpio. The sun enters Pisces at 2:26 pm. Water is the dominant element now. You will be swimming all day in the realm of emotions and feelings. Relationships enter a new mode where it gets easier to hurt feelings. Pay attention to your psychic abilities and try to strengthen them.

Sunday, Feb. 19 Moon in Scorpio. It's a volatile day where hurt feelings easily lead to arguments. Put the aggressive, assertive energy to good use by helping other people. Do chores for a shut-in. Dig, shovel, sweep, you need to keep busy to avoid a build up of tension. Saturn and Chiron stand in opposition and show you where you have wounds around love and loving.

Monday, Feb. 20 Moon VC Scorpio, enters Sagittarius at 9:38 pm. The whole day is under a VC moon. If you have a day off you can just follow the currents of the day. Focus on your needs and your personal projects. If you are at work, do the minimum; postpone orders, decisions, and hiring until tomorrow. Pay attention to your gut feelings.

Tuesday, Feb. 21 Moon in Sagittarius. This is not back-to-work energy. You want to be roaming and reading and learning. The wild is calling you to come adventure. Make some travel plans to satisfy this desire to explore. Try to escape from your schedule for a couple of days, or try to make it lighter. This is the day to try innovations.

Wednesday, Feb. 22 Moon in Sagittarius, VC 9:05 pm. Contact your existing or make new international connections. Read foreign newspapers on the Internet. You need to expand your knowledge of the world. Listen to the holy music of a different religion. Keep your mind and body active.

Thursday, Feb. 23 Moon in Capricorn. You'll get more done today than you did in the first three days of the week. It's a prime workday. Make your schedule, set your goals, and you can do it all. Communication flows easily when you need to discuss your relationship. You can put your intuitions into an understandable form.