It's time to look back...again...

By Arlan Wise -

Mercury is getting ready to stop, go back, and look for the things, ideas, and people he's lost along his way. Since his journey is in Pisces, he will find that sometimes he's swimming with the current and sometimes he is carried away by it. Let that be your metaphor for the next three weeks. You'll do best as you join him in his backwards travels if you let your feelings guide the way, not your logical mind. Mercury begins retrograde motion on March 3 and ends it on March 25. He will traverse the degrees from 26 to 13 Pisces. This retrograde period will feel more emotional than usual.

Jupiter joins Mercury in swimming upstream as he begins his annual retrograde vacation on March 4. He will be traveling in the water when he reverses direction at 18 degrees of Scorpio and drifts back to 8 degrees of that sign. Your enthusiasm shifts in focus and you will feel restraint about an ongoing project, about your direction in life, and about plans for travel and education. Jupiter remains retrograde until July 6.

This is the astrological advice about taxes: The general rule is to send your taxes in before or after Mercury's retrograde time period. Use that time to do your research and put your information together. The classic astrologer's trick is to mail the tax returns in during a Void-of-Course moon to avoid an audit.

Thursday, February 23 Moon in Capricorn. You 'll get more done today than you did in the first three days of the week. Things will fall in place. It's a prime workday. Make your schedule, set your goals, and you can do it all. Communication flows easily when you need to discuss your relationship. You can put your intuitions into an understandable form.

Friday, February 24 Moon in Capricorn, VC 7:58 pm. Think about working straight through to 8 pm. This is such good work energy. Remember that there are only three workdays left before Mercury goes retrograde next week. Put your ideas into words while it's still easy to do. Make your schedule for the next month.

Saturday, February 25 Moon in Aquarius. Sit by the fire and think of big ideas. Open your mind to new concepts. Watch a video on quantum physics, join a discussion group, or take a weekend workshop. Get involved in a community project that can use your help. Enjoy some good science fiction movies tonight.

Sunday, February 26 Moon in Aquarius. It's the perfect Sunday to read the newspapers and get involved in political discussions. State your opinions. This is the moon that helps you think outside the box. Spend the day observing society as if you are a reporter from another galaxy. Moon in Pisces. The new moon begins the lunar month. This coming month will be full of surprises and unexpected happenings. Stay flexible with travel plans. You need to flow with the energies; you can't control them. It's an auspicious day for spiritual practices. Meditate on the ocean.

Tuesday, February 28 Moon in Pisces. Try to finish up all your old projects that need attention to detail or a steady hand. You won't have the patience tomorrow, and Mercury goes retrograde the next day. Your intuition is strong and you can make your choices based on your feelings about the situation. It's a fertile time for planting, propagating, drafting.

Wednesday, March 1 Moon in Aries. The sun and rebellious Uranus meet to stir up the waters. Be very, very careful near, on, around water. Emotions are also in turmoil. Nothing will go as planned so be ready to adapt to new information and circumstances. You may have to act a little bit wild today.

Thursday, March 2 Moon in Aries. Mercury turns into retrograde motion at 3:29 pm. Watch your temper when the miscommunications begin. It's best to do your own thing today. You don't want to be bound by limits. Everything feels a little topsy-turvy. Don't expect to make any lasting decisions.

Friday, March 3 Moon in Taurus. The energy is shaky on this day between Mercury's and Jupiter's change of directions. Look to the earth and to the simple, solid things of life to ground you and keep you calm. Play your favorite music at work. Take a walk in the woods. Go out for a gourmet dinner. Forget that too much chocolate is bad for you.

Saturday, March 4 Moon in Taurus. Jupiter turns retrograde at 1:02 pm. The tides are turning again and your emotions and feelings, the water of life, are caught in the current. You get a chance to rethink and re-say something that happened on Tuesday. Look at art in museums, galleries, or books. Take your mind on a trip to appreciate the aesthetics of the past.

Sunday, March 5 Moon VC Taurus, enters Gemini 9:38 am. Venus ends her long stay in restrictive Capricorn and enters Aquarius where she can let her hair down. She wants you to expand your definition of who and what is lovable. She helps bring some detachment to your mind so you don't have to take it all so personally.

Monday, March 6 Moon in Gemini. Your mind is moving double time today. You'll need to check your written or typed work twice to find the mistakes. It's hard to say anything definite, as you'll keep finding new information. It's a very fluid day; it's hard to keep focus. You'll say more than you mean to say.

Tuesday, March 7 Moon in Gemini, VC from 11:09 am until 5:38 pm when it enters Cancer. Take time to slow down and record the ideas that are zipping through your mind. Use the VC afternoon for cleaning, catching up, and trying to return missed calls. Go through your e-mail inbox and answer or delete those old ones. Reread what you write before you send anything.

Wednesday, March 8 Moon in Cancer. The next two days are influenced by the element of water. Once again emotions and feelings override logic. You are very sensitive to subtle vibrations. Try to use this sensitivity by helping others. You can be of great service right now. It's a very fertile time.

Thursday, March 9 Moon in Cancer, VC 3:41 pm. It's a lucky, make-a-wish day. Use your gut feeling to make good choices. Play the lottery. Take a risk, a little one. Find a bargain in an antique store. Buy a fish tank filled with beautiful fish. Cook comfort foods for your loved ones.