Posted February 23, 2006

By Jacqueline Sexton - 508-645-2895 -

For anyone who has been toying with the idea of running for office in town, it's time to seize the baton and run! If you want to change things, or prevent changes, having a seat on a town board gives you a shot at being heard. The planning board, for example, seeks three candidates for five-year terms. The deadline for picking up nominating papers at town hall is March 6, and the deadline for submitting them to the registrar of voters is Wednesday March 8 at 5 pm.

Gloria Burkin called to report she is receiving treatment following successful cancer surgery in Boston. Her husband is with her, and they would love to hear from friends. Their address is 74 Kent Street, Brookline, MA 02445. Their telephone number is 617-566-3480. We send our best wishes.

The current issue of the fourth and fifth grade newspaper, the Chilmark Times, has a wonderful double-page spread of color photographs showing various student activities, among them the Viking project, the Mardi Gras fair and the trip to Plimoth Plantation. Reviewers are enthusiastic about books they have read and movies they have seen. Madeline Webster urges everyone to read "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants," writing, "the story is inspiring for all best friends who are going away from each other for the very first time." Janelle Larsen and Alistair Morgan covered goings-on in the K/1 classroom, while Chantal Booker and Bradley Carroll reported on 2/3 activities, which include learning sign language. The 4/5s were so pleased with what they saw that they wrote "We would love to be 2/3 students once again!"

With the science and history facts, the word of the month, and puzzles, the newspaper gives a good picture of what's happening day-by-day at the school.

Happy anniversary to Ann and Bob Deitrich last Monday, Feb. 20. And happy birthday next week to Carl Whitman who celebrates on Feb. 27 and to Elain Christensen on Feb. 28.

The plot thickens in the mystery of the phantom snow plower. We mentioned last week that someone had very kindly plowed our driveway and departed without our seeing who it was. A Flanders Lane resident called to ask if we had discovered who it was (we have not) because someone plowed his driveway anonymously too. As there's quite a distance between where we live on the South Road and Flanders Lane, we're speculating that there may be two good Samaritans. Does anyone have any clues?