Oak Bluffs
Posted February 23, 2006

By Megan Alley - 508-693-0850 - Meganislandmegan@verizon.net

This is real winter with the temperature in single figures but the sunshine making it bearable. We certainly have been spoiled with above-average temperatures until now. The day the cold front moved through we got warmth, snow flurries, colder and colder temperatures and finally really gusty winds. That's New England! If you would like to read up-to-date weather info, log on to Todd Gross's new web site. The main web page is: toddgross.com. The Cape and Islands page is: Capeandislandsweather.com.

We send birthday smiles to Carol deBettencourt and Kathy Farrissey who celebrated on Feb. 16. Carrie Tankard's special day was Feb. 18, and smiles to Rita Jeffers on Feb. 22. Extra smiles and hugs to my mother-in-law Betty Alley who will turn 94 years young on March 1.

Sam and Sue Butler of Norton announce the birth of their son, Brian Charles Butler. Brian has a one year-old sister Brooke and his maternal grandparents are Mary and Eric Butler. His Island great-grandparents would have been the late Superintendent of the Martha's Vineyard Schools, Charles Downs, and his wife Peg.

Kara Marshall and Branden Sylvia are please to announce the birth of their daughter Alyssa Silva on Feb. 6.

Arriving from Alaska recently was Julie Hershey who came to visit her father Hy Hoffman at his Shirley Ave. home for a few days.

A heads-up to everyone who is awaiting spring and anxious to get their glimpse of daffodils. The annual sale of daffodils to support cancer research will be taking place soon. Orders may be placed by March 3 for delivery on March 21. Please call Dorothy Bangs at 508-693-0969 for ordering information.

Among the interesting events taking place at the Senior Center are the Friday Morning Conversations group. This Friday, Feb. 24 the guest will be Armen Hanjiaan, Director of the Island Food Pantry, who will discuss his work there. The Conversation Group meets from 10 until 11:30 am.

Returning from a short cruise from Miami to the Cayman Islands and Key West are Pat and Kerry Alley. What occurred on their trip, you may file in the "small world" category. Apparently during a conversation with one of the other couples assigned to their table, Kerry discovered that not only was the gentleman a graduate of Holy Cross College like he is, but was one of his classmates who graduated the same year.

The basketball games and ice hockey matches are just about coming to an end for the winter. All of the teams provided great entertainment and wholesome activities for all who took part in them, whether as spectators or participants, through these somewhat dreary months. Now we are awaiting the state tournaments and then it's on to spring sports. Thanks to all who made this possible, from volunteers to the coaches, and players. You all represent the Island very well indeed.

Enjoy your week and send your news along to me.