West Tisbury
Posted February 23, 2006

By Hermine Hull - 508-693-2525 - hrmhull@gis.net

Although the 7 am boat is not my first choice, every time I find myself out driving at that hour of the morning I am struck by how beautiful and silent the landscape is. I always promise myself to get up and out to paint more often in the early morning, and then I promptly forget about it until the next time.

Last Wednesday, Sue Hruby and I went off-Island to a landscape class at Rhode Island School of Design. As we drove toward Vineyard Haven to our boat, the rime frost was heavy over Misty Meadow. If ever a place were aptly named, that was it.

Cynthia Riggs is circulating a Citizen Petition to establish an honorary position of Poet Laureate in West Tisbury. I was glad to sign it and endorse the proposal; it's good to have an upbeat and, hopefully, not contentious issue to support. Anyone who would like to sign the petition, please call Cynthia at 508-693-9352 or look for her at the post office or at Cronig's.

Congratulations to Emma Conley, daughter of Sean Conley and Teri Mello. Emma has just returned from her third Annual All Cape Music Festival at Barnstable High School. She also had attended the Southeast Music Festival this past January. Emma is a senior at Martha's Vineyard Regional High School and plays first violin in the school orchestra.

Happy birthday to Ernie Mendenhall tomorrow, Feb. 24, and to Diane Wall and Blue Cullen on Saturday.

Many thanks to Kent Healy, Richie Olsen, and Jesse Oliver for the resurfacing of the library/Howes House parking lot last week and the installation of drainage conduits. It certainly feels more solid underfoot (and under car.) Hopefully, it will so remain and not revert to the bone-jarring potholes we all remember.

Gregory Drake has donated an iron pipe, its ownership attributed to Miles Standish, to the Dukes County Historical Society. I plan to write a story about it for the Times, so look for more detailed information to follow.

Elaine Pace has been leading a memoir-writing class in her home in West Tisbury these past few weeks and intends to offer another 4- to 6-week session beginning in mid-March. It will be a small group, no more than six people. For those interested, please call Elaine at 508-696-3796.

Anyone who has seen my husband over the past weekend will notice the return of a smile on his face and a golden companion in the truck beside him. We adopted a 20-month old golden retriever who moved in last Friday. He came with the name Murphy that we will keep, as we have such happy associations with friends having that name. Murphy and Tallulah became instant best friends, especially since Murphy had the good sense to acknowledge Talley as top dog. As I cooked dinner Friday evening, I said to Mike, "Well, I guess I'll start bugging you about needing a bigger kitchen again. There's no floor space in here." Our two golden dogs were curled up together by my feet. I don't really want or need a larger kitchen; it feels just right to be stepping over two dogs who fill the floor and block access to refrigerator, sink, and oven door. Murphy is a good boy. We even observed Grace, our cat, rubbing her head under his chest last night. There's a lot of puppy energy in our house and we are grateful for it. Home feels just right again.