Eclipse season...

By Arlan Wise - March 9, 2006

Eclipses come in pairs, a lunar and a solar. They occur twice a year. They are like those annoying power outages when you have to run around the house and reset all the digital clocks. Eclipses are a time when you must stop and then restart yourself. They are excellent opportunities for spiritual work.

There is a lunar eclipse on March 14 at 24 degrees of Virgo. This eclipse takes on extra meaning as all-powerful Pluto challenges it. It asks you to end certain routines in your life and work. A bigger vision and an expanded belief system want to take hold of you. An eclipse during retrograde Mercury often brings up unfinished business that must be cleared up. Lunar eclipses affect the emotions; this is a great chance to clear out old useless ones.

A solar eclipse occurs two weeks later at the new moon in Aries. We won't be able to observe either one, as they will be visible on the other side of the earth.

Mercury continues to swim upstream. He is teaching you to let go of control and flow with the currents. He wants you to reflect on the past and also be open to new unexpected experiences. He ends this retrograde period on March 25.

Thursday, March 9. Moon in Cancer, VC 3:41 pm. It 's a lucky, make-a-wish day. Use your gut feeling to make good choices. Play the lottery. Take a risk, a little one. Find a bargain in an antique store. Buy a fish tank filled with beautiful fish. Cook comfort foods for your loved ones.

Friday, March 10. Moon in Leo. Today is the lead in to a playful weekend. You will find it hard to concentrate at work unless you can find a project that can let your creativity flow. People feel generous under this moon, so you can ask for what you want and most likely get it. Tonight is a good night for a serious talk with your loved one. You can cement the relationship.

Saturday, March 11. Moon in Leo. Today is the middle of this retrograde Mercury cycle. It is the day when ideas come to you and you can see ways to solve the current problems. Don't try to find them, let yourself receive the ideas. Be very careful when in any potentially dangerous situation, especially driving. It will be hard to play by the rules today.

Sunday, March 12. Moon in Leo. VC from 10:38 am until 5:23 pm, when it enters Virgo. Spend the day playing with children. Play with a friend's kids if yours are too old. Go back to that innocence and joy in the moment that children have. Approach your unfinished projects from another angle and try again. Be generous with your hugs and kisses.

Monday, March 13. Moon in Virgo. This is good work energy. Try to hold your course as tomorrow's eclipse approaches. Focus on your work and pay attention to those little feelings that tell you something is not right. It's a good time to clean up and discard the clutter that's built up over the past few months. Venus meets up with Chiron and asks you to look over the pain from past relationships and see if you are ready to let go of it tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 14. Moon in Virgo. The lunar eclipse is exact at 6:35 pm. This is a power-filled and unstable day. It may feel like walking through the fun house at a carnival. Don't try to get a lot done. Eclipse days are auspicious for spiritual pursuits and not much else. They are days when you can erase bad memories and feelings and start with a clean emotional slate.

Wednesday, March 15. Moon in Libra. The eclipse energy is still strong. Life is surprising. You can't try to control anything or anybody, so just relax and accept what comes. Share your eclipse insights with your partner. Spend time one-on-one with friends and enjoy the interactions. Surround yourself with flowers.

Thursday, March 16. Moon in Libra. It's an easy day. Life flows well and you won't have any unexpected difficulties. You can smooth out any misunderstandings that have arisen this week. It's a good day for business negotiations (just talk, don't sign and finalize it). You'll want to shop for beautiful items to decorate your home and office.

Friday, March 17. Moon in Libra, VC from 11:31 am until 5:59 pm, when it enters Scorpio. The sun and Pluto are in conflict today. Some of the controversy includes intuition vs. belief system, receiving knowledge vs. seeking it. Power struggles become obvious. Your ability to trust is tested. Try to start your weekend early.

Saturday, March 18. Moon in Scorpio. This is an emotional day when feelings come to the surface and need to be examined. The power issues are not over. There is a great potential for arguments and misunderstandings. Be very clear when you speak and don't assume your listener understands anything unless you are specific.

Sunday, March 19. Moon in Scorpio. This is the last full day of Pisces. You can call it the end of the year in a way. Use this watery energy to listen, feel, receive, intuit, do a divination, do a healing, and help others. Your psychic ability is strong - so use it. Let tonight be another New Year's Eve.

Monday, March 20. Moon in Sagittarius. The sun enters Aries at 1:26 pm and Spring begins. It's New Year's Day astrologically as the sun returns to 0 degrees of Aries. Enthusiasm returns too with this fiery emphasis; you'll feel like a racehorse let out of the starting gate. Try to wait until Saturday, when Mercury goes direct, to start new projects so you don't stumble.

Tuesday, March 21. Moon in Sagittarius. You need to be active today. Find time to work out, bike, run, or engage in competitive sports. This moon makes you restless and think of far away places. Leave the tedious detailed work for another day; handle big picture items that need vision.

Wednesday, March 22. Moon VC Sagittarius, enters Capricorn 10:36 am. Read your trade journals for work in the morning hours. You'll be frustrated today and tomorrow in wanting to move ahead but having to wait for Mercury to spin around. Get organized. Set goals. Investigate career advancement.

Thursday. March 23. Moon in Capricorn, VC 6:30 pm. Get everything lined up and ready to launch on Monday morning. You'll want to get your taxes ready to send in. (Remember to double-check the work on Monday before you mail it.) This moon makes life look serious; you'll be able to lighten up soon.