Posted March 9, 2006

By Gail Craig - 508-627-3754 - gail@vineyard.net

Welcome home to all the weary travelers who ventured to distant and not so distant locales for school vacation week! I know many of you spent time at Disney, and I have been forewarned as to what to expect when we head there at a later date. Many of you caught up with each other or accidentally ran into each other while away, showing once again that we live in a very small world.

John and Matt Morris and their folks, Darren and Meaghan, are back from two weeks in Florida, where they spent time with Darren's mother, Nancy. They also took a side trip to Disney for a couple of days, where the kids enjoyed the pools and waterslides at the Nick Hotel and braved all the roller coaster rides that they could fit in while visiting the Magic Kingdom. Everyone returned to the Island, exhausted and happy, welcomed home by their faithful yellow lab, Sam, who was thrilled to have his family back home with him.

Riley and Amelia enjoyed an overnight stay at the Holiday Inn in Falmouth with Owen and Warner Hess and Kiana Casey. The kids swam in the pool, ate at Burger King and McDonald's and got a few toys thrown in from Wal-Mart as well. They can't wait until they get to do it again.

This winter has been an active one for the Edgartown Mother's Club. January brought a month of chance, with Game Night at Jane Dooley's house. The stakes were high but the laughter was higher as players tried their skills in poker, foosball, bumper pool, taboo game, ping -pong, and more. The popcorn was popping, soda, vine, and fruit were served, and a great time was had by all. Everyone came away a winner.

February was welcomed in by the Mother's Club at the home of Annette Smith, where they celebrated with - what else? - chocolate. The group learned to make chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate-covered pretzels, teardrop chocolates, and truffles, which were consumed on site or taken home to loved ones. In addition, baggies of Valentine treats and homemade cards were distributed to Windermere residents for Valentine's Day.

On March 14, the Club will gather at Lattanzi's for dinner and book discussions. If you would like to join them, call Dottie Gundersen at 508-627-9145 or Carol Forgione at 508-560-0854.

We enjoyed a wonderful concert this weekend by the United States Navy Band Sea Chanters Chorus at the High School Performing Arts Center. The Chorus is currently on its spring tour, celebrating its 50th anniversary. Their performance, which included a wide variety of musical selections with a number of excellent soloists, was outstanding. Toward the end of the concert, they asked that anyone who had served in the military or had family that served, stand as their anthem was sung, and it was quite amazing to see the majority of the audience stand at some point during the medley. The group closed with a medley of music from the 60's, which was a huge success, getting the audience singing and clapping along.

Get well wishes go out to Joanne Ryan, who recently had some knee surgery. She is doing pretty well and hopes to be back at work early this week.

Get well wishes also go out to June Ditchfield, who recently returned from a stay at Beth Israel Hospital with a bout of pneumonia, following a lengthy treatment of chemotherapy. June reports that her husband, Chris Mara, did a great job taking care of daughter, Raven, here as well as of June up in Boston. June's brother, Mike, and sister-in-law, Lynn, helped with some of the childcare as well, for which June and Chris are most grateful. It was the first time they were away from Raven overnight, adding to the pressures of the events. June is feeling much stronger now and is happy to be back home.

Chester the Dog still resides in the Craig household. His favorite place is on the back of the couch, looking out the front window. We're still feeling this whole thing out, but he's such a great little dog that we want to give it a really good trial run. He's got a few issues, not the least of which is the fact that Emma the Cat hates him. But the good is so good that we're all trying to work it out. Well, not Emma, but everyone else. I suppose someday along the way here, we'll have to make the final decision.

Finally, I'd like to thank Marna Waller for the article about the 103-year-old woman who still writes her local town column. Mind you, she didn't start writing it until she was 75 but still, it's been a nice long career for her! I assure you all, my tenure won't be as long!

That's about it for this week. Be sure to get me your news. Have a great week.