West Tisbury
Posted March 16, 2006

By Hermine Hull - 508-693-2525 - hrmhull@gis.net

The weather has been mild and lovely, sloppy mud being the only downside to the warming temperatures. Both my yard and all Talley's and my walking paths have been quite mucky. There seem to be potholes and ruts everywhere. It is almost spring, which will arrive next Tuesday.

Most noticeable are the lengthening days. It is easily light long after 5 o'clock, when Mike usually comes home in the winter. Soon he will be working later, but so will I, taking advantage of the long shadows for a painting or time to work outside in the yard.

I have been moving bulbs around as they come up. Behind our house I had planted (in 1985) a spring garden of bulbs that bloom in succession from snowdrops in February, purple and white crocuses in March, then tiny narcissus throughout April and May: "Tete a Tete," "Hawera," "Minnow," and "Baby Moon." There was a dogwood tree in the center and the whole area was covered with myrtle, its blue flowers adding to the mix. Sadly, the dogwood became diseased with anthracnose and Mike had to cut it down a few years ago. I had dug up what I thought was everything last year before we began our addition, but still I am finding lots of things I missed.

For anyone curious about the newly-established CPA (Community Preservation Act), you are invited to a meeting of West Tisbury's CPC (Community Preservation Committee) next Wednesday, March 22, at 6 pm at the Howes House. It will be an informational meeting, to describe the purview of the committee and to explain warrant articles they have proposed for the up-coming Town Meeting.

Al DeVito, a member of the committee, sent me a long e-mail about the CPC/CPA. To refresh your memories, last year the town voted to approve a surcharge on our property tax bills to fund projects relating to open space, historic preservation, and affordable housing. The state has committed to matching every dollar raised by the town; the committee anticipates having approximately $500,000 to spend in the upcoming fiscal year that begins this July. So they are looking for suggestions from the community to help them develop proposals for projects. The committee plans several meetings for this purpose.

Please note: the West Tisbury Board of Selectmen has moved its weekly meetings from Town Hall to the Howes House. Selectmen's meetings still take place every Wednesday at 4:30 pm. Increased attendance at the meetings is the reason for the move, as Howes House allows for more comfortable and spacious seating. Meetings will be held there until further notice.

A sign posted outside Fella's next to the West Tisbury Post Office contains a plea from Nelson Tuck, son of Eva Laws and the late Travis Tuck. Nelson, who serves with the United States Army, will soon be deployed to Iraq and he is desperately seeking a temporary home for his dog. He lives in the Boston area and may be reached via cell phone, 303-902-7191. Good luck, Nelson, and come home safely!