Winter's over...

By Arlan Wise - March 23, 2006

Astrologers see the entrance of the sun into Aries, the moment Spring begins, as the beginning of the astrological year. It is time to start new projects, new relationships, and new ways of growing as an individual. The chart for Spring 2006 tells us that there is much energy available for self-expression and creativity, although this energy needs to be harnessed to be useful. You have to proceed more slowly than you would like to as you continue with the lessons about love, creativity, and children.

Relationships are a prime topic of the season. There is great romantic energy, but a tendency to fall into illusions and projections. At one point this spring, you will have to face the reality of your wounds about relationships and how they affect your behavior. You have to be honest and direct with your partner. The chart shows a lot of international involvement, making it a good season for travel to far away places. It looks good for Vineyard writers and artists to sell and publish their work.

There is a powerful solar eclipse on March 29. It occurs at 8 degrees of Aries making that a "hot" degree for six months. Pay attention to where that degree falls in your chart, there will be action.

Saturn turns into direct motion on April 5. He has been traveling backwards in Leo and telling us to review our lessons on love, creativity, and on opening the heart. He has been sitting still for a month, with one more month to go, at 4 degrees of Leo. This makes time stand still. This is one of the reasons that you feel stuck. Once he turns direct, we have a three-month period where Mercury, Mars, Venus are all in direct motion. This will be a welcome change and a time to act.

Thursday, March 23 Moon in Capricorn, VC 6:30 pm. Get everything lined up and ready to launch on Monday morning. You 'll want to get your taxes ready to send in. (Remember to double-check the work on Monday before you mail it.) This moon makes life look serious and pushes you to take care of business; you'll be able to lighten up soon.

Friday, March 24 Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 2:21 pm. This is the day to bring things to completion. Get things nice and tidy, ready for Monday morning. Make lists and schedules. Let your mind wander off into outer space this evening. Enjoy some science fiction movies; check out the History Channel for UFO shows.

Saturday, March 25 Moon in Aquarius. Mercury turns into direct motion at 8:42 am. You can spend the day ordering items on the Internet, correcting your mistakes in communications, and remembering where you put things. It's a good day to get a lot of work done. You will feel stable and sturdy and ready to make your dreams real. It's an evening for romance.

Sunday, March 26 Moon in Aquarius, VC from 10:18 am until 3:33 pm when it enters Pisces. Venus meets up with Neptune to bring an aura of romance to the day. Their combined energy is a gift to artists and those who know how to receive inspiration. Make a big donation to a charity to please the planets. Take time to play.

Monday, March 27 Moon in Pisces. Your work life resumes with Mercury direct and you'll find everything gets easier. You don't have complete control though, and you'll find a bend in the road where you didn't expect one. Follow the list you made last week to keep you focused. Plant your peas.

Tuesday, March 28 Moon in Pisces, VC from 10:20 am until 3:31 pm when it enters Aries. The energy is unstable as we approach the solar eclipse. Use today for maintenance and catch-up. Wait to start anything new. Use the day to help others, volunteer, make phone calls for an organization, clean up a public space. Be physically active this evening.

Wednesday, March 29 Moon in Aries. It's a high-power day, a solar eclipse on a day Pluto changes direction. Expect explosions and eruptions on many levels. Something old and buried wants to come to the light of truth. Take a personal day if you can. You need to focus on yourself today. Play it safe. Meditate.

Thursday, March 30 Moon in Aries, VC from 10:41 to 4:01 pm when it enters Taurus. You'll feel impatient to get started on your new life and/or business changes but it's best to wait one more day. The eclipse effect keeps everything unsettled. You'll fly through the day and come down to earth at night.

Friday, March 31 Moon in Taurus. Shop for those luxury items you resisted buying during the past three weeks. Stock your pantry with gourmet foods and chocolate. Arrange to spend the weekend at a spa. Dig in your garden on this fertile moon. It's a down-to-earth day, one to honor your body.

Saturday April 1 Moon in Taurus, VC from 10:52 am until 6:49 pm when it enters Gemini. Give yourself a lazy day once the moon goes VC. Become a couch potato, a bird watcher, or a cookie baker. Take a nap. Make love in the afternoon. Play nice April Fools pranks on your friends.

Sunday, April 2 Moon in Gemini. TURN YOUR CLOCKS AHEAD ONE HOUR. The time change makes for a scattered, hard-to-focus day, like a mini-jet lag. Do short tasks. Visit neighbors, exchange news and move on. Call friends and talk a lot. Read the newspapers and discuss articles of interest.

Monday, April 3 Moon in Gemini. Work long and hard and try not to be distracted. It will be hard to pay attention as many thoughts race through your mind. You can find the words to say what needs to be said, making today the day for that big phone call you've been avoiding. Exchange ideas with your siblings.

Tuesday, April 4 Moon in Cancer. Today and tomorrow are the most fertile days of the month if you have started your garden. You'll feel emotional as memories flood in at odd moments. People are sensitive so you will have to change your tone, yesterday's communication skills won't work today.

Wednesday, April 5 Moon in Cancer, VC 1:19 pm. Saturn ends his retrograde period at 8:56 am. Venus enters her favorite sign of Pisces. It's a busy day when you have to follow, not try to control. It's a good energy flow if you listen to your intuition and let it help you catch the wave.

Thursday, April 6 Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 12:25 pm. Use the morning to clean and cook. Call Mom and check in on family news. Have lunch with coworkers. Give a cold hard look at the project you've been working on this winter. Examine your heart tonight; look at your relationship in a realistic light.