Oak Bluffs
Posted March 30, 2006

By Megan Alley - 508-693-0850 - Meganislandmegan@verizon.net

Did you ever realize that the only thing on-Island that is lower than off-Island are the spring temperatures? While the weather reporters boast of temperatures in the high forties, they always add "except on the Cape & Islands." But the warmth will come here eventually and we will love having the lowest temperatures in New England come August and September.

This Saturday night, April 1, at 6:30 pm there will be a benefit at the Portuguese-American Club on Vineyard Avenue, Oak Bluffs for Sharon Rzemian, who was the animal control officer in Oak Bluffs for a couple of years and more recently had the same job in Tisbury. Last summer Sharon suffered a series of small strokes and has been unable to fulfill the responsibilities of her position and as a result has lost her medical insurance. This fundraiser will help her with her medical and other expenses. The event will include a potluck dinner, live auction with Trip Barnes as the auctioneer, silent auction, and music by Tristan Israel, Maynard Silva, Johnny Hoy and others. Tickets, which are $25, may be purchased from any Animal Control Officer and also at Good Dog Goods, 508-696-7100, in Oak Bluffs. Let's all support Sharon at this time, remembering all the TLC she gave to the animals and their owners over these past years.

Rachel Alley and Greer Clarke of South Hadley are the parents of new baby girl, Drew Madeiras Alley who was born on Sunday last. Drew has an older brother, Jonas. Island grandparents are Kerry and Pat Alley of Oak Bluffs.

Can you remember if March came in like a lion or a lamb? I can't, but tomorrow at the March 31 story time this will be the theme for the older children after school at 3:30 at our public library. Also Family Games Nights continue on Thursdays at 6 pm with the staff wishing that more families would participate so they are urging you to bring your children and come on down!

We send birthday smiles to Tyson Araujo, Robin Meader, and Betty Rose on April 1, Richard D. Combra on April 2 and Heather Hall Holt on April 4.

The Donor's Collaborative meeting that was scheduled for March 24 at the Oak Bluffs Senior Center has been rescheduled for tomorrow, March 31, from 10 to 11:30 am. The speaker will be Barbara Bellissimo, who will explain the mission of this group, which matches donors with particular interests with non-profit groups with similar interests.

Along with budding flowers and shrubs, spring also brings the annual Candidates' Night sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Martha's Vineyard. The Oak Bluffs candidates' forum will be on Wednesday, April 5, at 7 pm in the meeting room of the new Oak Bluffs Library.

You will have an opportunity to hear statements from those running for public office in Oak Bluffs and to ask questions on topics of special importance for our town and the Island.

Eighth-graders at the Oak Bluffs school are required to pick a project to help the community. Grace Vanderhoop and Caitlyn Francis have decided to raise money to support the Heifer Fund, an organization that helps people out by giving them animals that they need to make life easier. These students set a goal to raise $5,000 to buy an animal ark which consists of 21 pairs of animals, including, among others, goats, pigs, ducks, bees, and rabbits. If you would like to help them reach their goal, there will be a container in the school office for your donations. Checks should be made out to Heifer International.

Wish Cole Bilodeau good luck as he leaves tomorrow to travel to Clark University in Worcester to compete in the State Geography Bee. After winning the school bee at Oak Bluffs, he took a written exam that qualified him to compete at the state level.

Remember When: Going to the grocery store meant the clerk behind the counter would go pull the items you wanted off the shelves and place them on the counter, the meat at the butcher counter would be cut while you waited then wrapped in white butchers paper and tied with a string? Then the clerk would add up the prices on the back of a brown paper bag that your groceries would be placed in. There was no such things as a "best if used by" date on foods. If the bread had mold on it you knew it wasn't too fresh but your mother would probably just cut off that part or toast it to kill the mold and you would eat it anyway and LIVE!

Enjoy your week and send your news along.