Time for action...

By Arlan Wise - April 6, 2006

Can you feel the Aries energy that wants you to be bold and take big steps forward in your life? All the personal planets are in direct motion, nature's renewal is happening outside, everything says it's time to get moving and stop procrastinating.

For the new readers of this column: read it like you read the weather report. When it is raining, everyone is affected; you get wet, feel gloomy, and have to change plans. If you know in advance that it will be stormy, you'll wear a raincoat and bring an umbrella. When the moon is in Cancer, everyone is similarly affected. You feel emotional, want to be at home, have strong intuitions. When the sun is out everyone responds to that. It feels good to lie in the sun and things look bright. When the moon is in Leo everyone feels playful and happy.

Don't be confused seeing that there are sign names by each day. Don't go looking for your sun sign and read only that day. The moon moves through all 12 signs on a 28-day cycle. Each sign creates a different atmosphere. I write about the character of the day, not about a certain group of people. This is an interior weather report, not a sun sign column.

If you are familiar with your chart, you can make the information more personal by seeing which house of the chart the moon moves through each day. That area becomes highlighted and activated.

Thursday, April 6 Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 12:25 pm. Use the morning to clean and cook. Call Mom and check in on family news. Have lunch with coworkers. Give a cold hard look at the project you've been working on this winter. Examine your heart tonight; look at what will free you of hang-ups about love and loving.

Friday, April 7 Moon in Leo. You can be bold, innovative, and creative at work. You'll feel bored if you have to follow the usual routine. People are in good spirits and feeling generous, so ask for what you want. Today can be a fun day. Take the kids for a favorite treat. It's an evening for romance; go over the top to express your love.

Saturday, April 8 Moon in Leo, VC 7:02 pm. Today is highly charged with energy as Mars, the lord of war, faces up to Pluto, the lord of the underworld. Situations come to crisis point, fears and anxieties come to the surface, and big showdowns occur. Be cool, don't get involved unless you must. Watch your back and stay away from potential dangers.

Sunday, April 9 Moon in Virgo. This is the weekend day to do the chores, recycle, work on the garden beds, work on your taxes. Your mind is in the mode to make plans. Start your spring cleanup. You need to calm down after yesterday's explosions. Meditate outdoors. Find peace and serenity however it comes.

Monday, April 10 Moon in Virgo. There hasn't been a day so prime for work in a long time. Work long and hard and you'll be energized by how well it flows. Tomorrow is not as good, so do it all today. Follow your business plan and get ready to take the next step. Push your luck and move slowly into the future.

Tuesday, April 11 Moon in Virgo, VC from 10:59 am until 1:47 pm when it enters Libra. Take advantage of the morning work energy. It's good for detailed work. Use the VC time to clean up the office, run errands, and meet a friend for lunch. The afternoon is better for work that requires people skills, like interviewing for a new job.

Wednesday, April 12 Moon in Libra. Plant flowers, bulbs, and flowering bushes. You'll see where to put them so they will look their best. You'll also spot the perfect fancy outfit or piece of jewelry when you shop for beautiful things. You won't feel like working so hard. Your artistic dilettante side wants to play today.

Thursday, April 13 Moon in Libra, VC 6:41 pm. Today is the first full moon of the new astrological year. It highlights one of the themes of the year, that of being alone while being in relationship. Mars enters Cancer, which puts his sword into the water. Emotions will have a strong influence over actions; it is harder to be direct. You'll feel less scattered and more like nurturing others.

Friday, April 14 Moon in Scorpio. This moon sets a somber tone for the holiday weekend. You'll do best working by yourself. Look for lost objects, do some investigative research, dig down to the bottom of a friend's troubled emotional state. It's OK to feel a bit selfish, as you do need to attend to your own needs.

Saturday, April 15 Moon in Scorpio, VC 2:29 pm. Emotions run high at family holiday gatherings. This is a day when family secrets will be revealed. Avoid confrontations with cranky people. Everyone is looking at the deep issues of life. It's a good day for planting under this fertile moon.

Sunday, April 16 Moon VC Scorpio, enters Sagittarius at 10:19 am. Sleep late if you can. Ponder the meaning of this holiday that celebrates resurrection; see how life renews itself each year. Mercury ends his very long stay in Pisces and enters Aries. Your communication will be swift and sharp and much more inventive. It's now easy to say what you think.

Monday, April 17 Moon in Sagittarius. It's a good day to be an athlete. Take advantage of this fiery energy and go, run, skate, ride, climb. Think of jobs to do that can keep you outdoors. Do business with your international clientele. Plan a trip to a place you've never been.

Tuesday, April 18 Moon in Sagittarius, VC from 2:41 pm until 5:13 pm when it enters Capricorn. Venus and Uranus meet to give you a brief encounter with an exciting stranger who can say a few words that change your life. Do something wild and crazy. You'll be blunt to the edge of tactless in your communications; words have great power today.

Wednesday, April 19 Moon in Capricorn, VC 9:15 pm. It's a very good day to work, you can put ideas into form. Put your focus on your career and take a step to advance it. Today is the last day of Aries, you will miss this initiating energy. Use the courage it gives you to ask for a raise or promotion. Do tomorrow's important business today.

Thursday, April 20 Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 9:56 pm. The sun enters Taurus at 1:26 am. The moon is VC all day. Feel how the energy has changed. It's more solid, earthy, slower. It's a lovely day so relax and enjoy it. Play in the garden. You can heal any scratches in your relationship - you'll find the right words.