Oak Bluffs

By Megan Alley - April 6, 2006

Signs of spring are appearing everywhere - flowers bravely waving their colorful petals through the ground, birds chirping, people rushing to wear their summer attire and, after being missing for most of the winter, the two squirrels have returned to the forest park in back of the house. No they don't wear name tags, but the first time I spotted them this week and made a clucking noise that always brought them running before, they immediately came to the back door for peanut treats. I doubt if new squirrels would learn that trick in minutes. I have to admit that as pesky as they become, I did miss seeing them.

We send our sincerest condolences to the family of the late John Viera Jr. of Falmouth. John was born and raised in Oak Bluffs and is survived by his wife, six children, and his four sisters: Lillian Colligan, Shirley Zilinek, Arlene Viera, and Betty Searle. A dedicated worker and devoted husband, father, and grandfather, he will be greatly missed by all who loved him.

Former selectman Ken Rusczyk just backtracked 12 time zones from Cambodia and Thailand to return to town meeting. Ken's trip was highlighted by a week exploring Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Considered one of the eight man-made wonders of the world, Angkor Wat is a complex of carved temples (WATS) that were started in the 10th century and took 600 years to complete. Angkor was once the center of the mighty Khmer empire that ruled Southeast Asia. After Cambodia, Ken traveled to relax in a bamboo hut on the beach on Ko Chang Island in the Gulf of Thailand for long beach runs and hikes to the 150-foot Long Plu waterfall. After a three-week layover in Tempe, Ariz., Ken has returned to the important things: golf, running, and gardening.

Belated birthday wishes to Erica Ponte who celebrated on March 31 and Hunter Ponte who turned five on March 25. He had a great day with his friends and family and a Spider Man theme party. Also celebrating his birthday on March 31 was Garret Bradley who turned five, and you know that means kindergarten in September. Birthday smiles go to Sandy Ferreira on April 6, Ben Hall on April 8, Richard Giordano on the following day, and Michael Rebello on April 12.

The PTO has announced that April 8 will be playground cleanup day at the Oak Bluffs School starting at 9 am. Childcare will be provided as will coffee and donuts. Please bring rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, hedge cutters, etc. and contact Tom Hallahan at 508-693-7378 to tell him you can come and what lawn tools you will be bringing.

Parent/teacher conferences are coming up for parents of students in Grades 6, 7, and 8. Parents are asked to check with their children to see if they have received conference requests from their teachers.

Enjoy the spring season of new budding flowers, shrubs, and bulbs and people coming down to start the season. Send your news along to me by Sunday night for the following Thursday's column.

Have a great week.