By Jacqueline Sexton - April 13, 2006

The days are sunny, when it's not raining April showers, but the nights are cold, so dress warmly for the Easter sunrise service at the Bend in the Road in Edgartown. Breakfast will follow, as always, at the Old Whaling Church in Edgartown. Regular Sunday services will be held at the usual time in Chilmark, and there will be an Easter egg hunt afterwards. It's a colorful joyful holiday, and the church is always full.

The day circle of United Methodist Women will meet next Wednesday, April 19, at 2 pm at the education building. All women in town are welcome to attend.

Sam Eddy is back from a trip to Bozeman, Montana to visit his sister Eliza, her husband, Tim, and their one-year-old daughter, Clare. Sam and Eliza grew up on the Island.

The 17th women's symposium meets on Saturday, April 22 from 9 am to noon at the community center. Several speakers will discuss "The Myth of Perfection," and refreshments will be served. After the speeches, small groups will form so people can exchange any ideas they may have on the subject. The event is free, but donations are welcome to help cover expenses.

Graeme Bradlee is showing his metal sculptures at The Bank of Martha's Vineyard until next Friday, April 21. Go see them during regular bank hours.

There's a lot going on at school, as usual. Kindergarteners and first graders enjoyed a trip to Eleanor Neubert's farm, and the second and third graders are caught up in energy studies, with the fourth and fifth graders pitching in with help and advice. The fourth and fifth graders are collecting material for the final issue of the school year of the Chilmark Times. Students will be on spring break all next week.

PTO chair Christina Soulagnet thanks all the cookbook committee members for their time, energy, and hard work in putting together the 2006 Chilmark School Cookbook, which will be available in June. Thanks, too, to parents, teachers, and community members for sending in their recipes. Christina's two-year term ends with this school year, so any parent interested in supporting the PTO is asked to call Christina.

The school is also looking for two parents to fill the two vacancies for a three-year cycle on Chilmark's Student Advisory Council (SAC), starting in September. Please call the school if you are interested.

And, finally, happy wedding anniversary wishes to Elise and Bob Elliston this Saturday, April 15.