By Gail Craig - April 13, 2006

It's been a long week here in Edgartown, full of life, good and bad. Funny how some weeks encapsulate all that is good and bad in our lives. I write with a heavy heart this week.

Condolences go out to the family of Mark Smith, who passed away April 5, following a brief health crisis. Mark was always a fixture, usually scratching lottery tickets, outside of Your Market. We'll miss seeing his face around town.

I also want to send my deepest sympathies out to the McCarron Family for their loss of Ricky last week. I spent a lot of time in the McCarron house growing up and they have always been a warm, loving, and kind family - and none of them more so than Ricky. He was always quick to smile and laugh. He was the oldest of the McCarron Six, but like the rest of the boys, never seemed to object to their little sister's friends hanging around. Ricky was kind in my youth and never changed throughout his life, making friends wherever he went.

Ricky's funeral was an outpouring of warmth and love from the community that embraced him and his family. I've never seen St. Elizabeth's Church so full. In some ways, it was a surreal experience, surrounded by the kids of my youth, now adults with kids of our own. Flashbacks to games of dodge ball and kick the can, or hanging out at the Boy's (not yet Girl's) Club, down on School Street. I could so clearly remember being at the Club, the dark wood interior, the stairway that led to the upstairs, where only the older kids could hang out. Seeing Sam Leighton at the wake only solidified the imagery, as he managed the Club back in the day and ran a tight ship. Now we were together as adults, mourning the loss of one of our own, all too soon. All week, the one thought that has stuck with me is that somewhere Ricky is hanging out with Scottie Ewing, and others that left us too young, laughing and joking as they did as kids. I will think of Ricky often, as I do Scottie, and with great warmth and fondness.

I would also like to take a moment to thank Michael Hoyt and Lenny Verville of the Chapman, Cole, & Gleason Funeral Home. We are so lucky here to have two such kind and compassionate men handling our lives and our loved ones at a time when it is virtually impossible to think. They handle such a difficult time with grace and poise and sympathy. I am truly grateful for their care and compassion.

Bob and Yvonne Burnham have recently returned home from Florida, where they spent time with son, Christopher, his wife, Lisa, and their new twins, Annabelle and Brady, who were born on December 13. They had a great time, helping take care of the babies and enjoying some nicer weather away from New England. Bob certainly looked rested and relaxed, which must have been due to Florida. Goodness knows three-month-old twins can't make anyone look rested!

Sherm, this would be a good time for you to put the paper down. Or at least, why don't you just skip the next paragraph?

Mark and Kelly Hess returned from Augusta National Golf Club on Saturday, having spent two days watching the Masters Golf Tournament. Kelly says she had two of the best days of her life down there. The grounds were gorgeous and her favorite player, Phil Mickelson, hit a drive within a few feet of where she was standing, which made her day. Who knew that a golf vacation could be so much fun?

My apologies go out to Conor Smith, as I misspelled his name last week. Spell check doesn't always help!

That's about it for this week. Be sure to get me your news. Have a great week.