A tribute to ospreys at Felix Neck

Posted April 13, 2006

The real guests of honor at this party were the noble ospreys. Photo by Ralph Stewart

Felix Neck hosted its 13th annual Osprey Festival on Sunday, in honor of the giant birds who dwindled in number after widespread DDT use in the 1950s and 1960s. Now, the osprey population on the Island has been restored, thanks in part to the efforts of former Felix Neck director Gus Ben David and other conservationists.

The day started off cold; volunteers reported brisk sales of chowder and minestrone soup. One way to stay warm was to get busy at the many crafts tables: children hammered together bird houses, crafted noisemakers and masks from recycled materials, and folded origami osprey.

One welcome new element to this year's celebration was the bluegrass band Squash Meadow, who entertained all day. Special guest Maynard Silva joined in for a while, while festival-goers danced on the grass.