West Tisbury

By Hermine Hull - April 13, 2006

We were awakened around 5 am Sunday morning by a call for West Tisbury firemen and EMTs to respond to a house fire at our neighbor Ginny Jones's house on New Lane. Mike returned home about 7:30 am, with the news that Ginny's house had suffered quite a lot of smoke damage from a fire that started in her study. Fortunately, Ginny is fine and coping in her capable way with the aftermath of cleanup and repairs. Also fortunately, her daughter Caitlin, son-in-law Allen Healy, and grandsons, Everett and Kent, were all there rallying round.

The Palm Sunday greenhouse tour was a real pick-me-up after the cold, rainy week we just had. I visited both Heather Gardens and Vineyard Gardens and came home with lots of pansies to put in pots around the yard and parsley seedlings for the herb garden. I remember sharing this springtime ritual with my niece Charlotte when she was a little girl. It is one that is well-repeated, as I know lots of aunties and grandmothers who enjoy this ritual of Vineyard spring.

Our visit to Donnie Mills's now long-gone nursery was always the highlight for me. The glass houses, visible from the road, were filled with colorful blossoms and all the seedlings coming along. The smell was a mix of good loam and Esther Mills's homemade cookies. I think of Mrs. Mills every Palm Sunday, of the marigolds in cups that were our gift to take home, and of buying potato and onion sets to start off the season.

On Sunday, plan to arrive promptly at 1 pm for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Vineyard Gardens. There will be lots of treasures for children to find, and a convivial atmosphere for all.

Katie Ann Mayhew and Elisabeth Bellissimo have set off on a two-week road trip across the country with Elisabeth's parents, Michael and Barbara Bellissimo. Their plans include stops in Harrisburg, Pa., Asheville, N.C., Birmingham, Ala., Little Rock, Ark., Oklahoma City, Okla., Albuquerque, N.M., Grand Canyon, Ariz., Death Valley, Calif., and finally Saratoga, Calif., where the Bellissimo family plans to move in the fall. Everyone will fly home on April 21.

Cynthia Riggs hosted a literary soiree at the Cleaveland House this past Saturday evening. A group of writers was treated to a talk on the subject of "Barbara Pym and Homosexuality."

Beth Kramer, formerly of Biga Bakery fame, has embarked on a new career teaching yoga to women who have survived breast cancer. She is working with the Cancer Support group to provide the classes for free. The plan is to begin sometime in the next few weeks, tentatively scheduled for Sunday afternoons at the former Wellness Center in West Tisbury. Please call Beth at 508-696-3089 if you would be interested in attending.

The library has planned a series of events for the up-coming week. Tonight, Thursday April 13, Ebba Hierta will hold a workshop on building a bluebird house. Materials will cost $5. The workshop begins at 7 pm at the library for participants age 10 and up. On Saturday, April 15, drop by between 10:30 and 4 to make bird ornaments in the Children's Room. Wednesday night, April 19, is the Annual April Vacation Sleepover from 8 pm to 8 am. Pre-register at the library, 693-3366. Children ages 9 and up are welcome to a night of movies, all the books you can read, popcorn, and pizza.

Friends of Paul Silva are invited to attend a memorial service at the West Tisbury cemetery on Saturday, April 22, at 11 am. Following the service, there will be a get-together at the West Tisbury Public Safety Building, where we can all tell stories and remember a good fireman and a good friend.