Time to appreciate nature's beauty...

By Arlan Wise - April 20, 2006

The sun enters the sign of Taurus today. Taurus is the epitome of Spring; it is a sign ruled by Venus, who shows us the natural beauty of the world. One way to understand Taurus is to read the children's book, "Ferdinand the Bull." This Taurus bull was mistakenly thought to be the roughest and toughest of the herd; only, he was in motion because a bee had just stung him. Ferdinand preferred to sit in the middle of the bullring and "smell the flowers in the pretty ladies hair." That is the proper way to experience Taurus, to stop and smell the flowers. It is a month to appreciate our bodies and our senses and the beauty emerging around us. It is also a good time to make financial decisions.

Shopping for plants and gardening equipment, besides everything else, is much easier if you pay attention to the VC, void of course. The moon becomes void when it has finished interacting with other planets and moves to the end of the sign it is in. It seems to be a proven fact that judgment is faulty at such times and items purchased tend to be the wrong ones. Avoid the frustration of finding that what you want to buy is out of stock and coming in tomorrow, or that it's there but in the wrong size and color. Do yourself a favor and shop at the right time.

Thursday, April 20 Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 9:56 pm. The sun enters Taurus at 1:26 am. The moon is VC all day. Feel how the energy has changed. It's more solid, earthy, slower. It's a lovely day, one for relaxing and enjoying it. Stop and smell the flowers. Play in the garden. You can heal any scratches in your relationship; you'll find the right words.

Friday, April 21 Moon in Aquarius. Catch up on yesterday's work. You'll be able to see things from a wider perspective. Upgrade your computer and electronic equipment. Check your anti-virus software. It's a good weekend to attend a conference or workshop. You'll learn much while in a group.

Saturday, April 22 Moon in Aquarius, VC 7:03 pm. Make your first thought of the day an inspiration to follow today. Get involved in community projects. Help with a fundraiser. Work with kids on a service project. It's a good day for Internet shopping. Don't shop tonight; go out and learn something.

Sunday, April 23 Moon in Pisces. Relax during the day, but be prepared to jump tonight when the unexpected happens. It may just be a rogue thought or feeling that grabs you and changes your direction. Plant and putter in the garden. Take a walk by the water. Meditate outdoors. Donate to charity.

Monday, April 24 Moon in Pisces, VC 8:35 pm. Today is one of those days when schoolmaster Saturn asks you to stop and do a reality check. He asks big questions: "Is the life you're leading true to your heart?" "Are you performing at your peak or are you being lazy?" Listen to your intuition today, it will be a positive guide.

Tuesday, April 25 Moon in Aries. You'll feel energetic again and able to get more done. Work at your own speed and timeframe. This is an impatient moon, best experienced when alone. Try to beat your personal best in something that you do. Finish up those old projects and get them out of the way.

Wednesday, April 26 Moon in Aries, VC 9:44 pm. Energy seems to drag on the day before the new moon; you need to push yourself a bit more. It's a good day to bring closure to a relationship or correspondence. You'll have the courage to say what you must say. It's important to get physical exercise today.

Thursday, April 27 Moon in Taurus. This is a sensual new moon, she ushers in a month of nature's sensory delights. Saturn reminds the moon and instructs you that work is involved to keep the Earth healthy and beautiful. Mantras are powerful today. It is an auspicious day to start a new health routine. Listen to your body and give it what it asks for.

Friday, April 28 Moon in Taurus, VC 9:31 pm. The delights of the body and the pleasures of the senses take precedence today. Plant flowers and perennials around the house and office. Buy a new aromatherapy oil. Splurge on velvet and chocolate. Go out for a gourmet dinner and then early to bed for a night of lovemaking.

Saturday, April 29 Moon in Gemini. There is an excess of energy today. Those who are good at multitasking will love it. Writers will love today. Others may find it makes them nervous. Keep it to short tasks and visits. Check in with cousins and siblings. Don't ask for anyone to give you a commitment.

Sunday, April 30 Moon in Gemini. Pluto and Venus square off and force out hidden truths. It is a time of high passion and intense fertility, this is the undercurrent of another outwardly busy day. You'll be reading, writing, talking with neighbors, and getting involved in gossip. Chiron reminds you to address your unhealed and unresolved issues.

Monday, May 1 Moon in Gemini, VC from 7:13 am to 11:17 am when it enters Cancer. Today is Beltane, the ancient festival of fertility. Have a dinner party to celebrate. Cancer moon increasing in light is the most fertile time of the month for planting. Security is an issue today, check on your home insurance, credit report, and smoke alarms.

Tuesday, May 2 Moon in Cancer. It's another prime planting day. Buy vegetable seeds. You can make a breakthrough on the emotional level about problems in the family. You feeling sense is strong and you know what's going on. Call Mom and check up on her news. Cook your comfort foods for dinner.

Wednesday, May 3 Moon in Cancer, VC from 2:35 pm until 8:18 pm when it enters Leo. Venus entered Aries early this morning. She left her romantic land for some time on her own. She's ready for fun and adventure starting tonight. Work twice as hard in the morning so you can coast through the VC period.

Thursday, May 4 Moon in Leo. Break your routine, play hooky, and enjoy this lucky day. Take a risk, ask for what you want, and make it happen. Take the kids for a special treat. Your passion and enthusiasm may take you way over the top today. Don't make any promises and enjoy the ride.