By Gail Craig - April 20, 2006

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend. The weather was simply smashing for all of the festivities that took place across the island, from egg hunts to the gravity race to the Flying Horses. We had a lovely weekend ourselves, enjoying our extended family and friends, good food, and an astounding amount of chocolate.

This is somewhat of a difficult time of year for me, as it is a time that my mom, Buzzy, and I spent a lot of time together. We would spend Palm Sunday going to nurseries together, she would test me on various plants, at the nurseries and in nature (I will always know a shad bush when I see one), she enjoyed the egg hunts with the kids, and she loved looking for May flowers. I hunted for some the other day and found buds but none actually in full bloom yet. One of my favorite memories of my mom is from the last spring she was here. She was pretty sick at that point and slept a lot. On my way to her house, I picked some May flowers for her. When I arrived, she was asleep in her bed and I just rested the flowers near her nose. Before she even opened her eyes, she smiled at the wonderful fragrance. Then she opened her eyes, smiled at me, and thanked me for such a nice treat. I miss her a lot this time of year, especially with Mother's Day not far off.

I owe an apology to John Moffett, Jim Martin, Dick McAulliffe, Robbie Potter, and Billy Baldwin, who attended the Masters last week. Apparently I received an e-mail mentioning their names and the fact that several of them encountered a couple of other locals who were there. But, I guess I spaced and missed the details in the e-mail. Sorry about that. I hope you all had a great time.

Gayle Stiller e-mailed to share that Jeffrey D. Kelley, son of Bob and Dot Kelley of Edgartown and son-in-law of Ruth Stiller of Vineyard Haven, was badly injured in an automobile accident off-Island on Monday night, April 10. He's got a long rehabilitation ahead of him. Letters of support and encouragement would be much appreciated by Jeff and his wife Pam. Please write to him c/o Pamela N. Kelley, #630 Green River Road in Williamstown, MA. 01267.

The Edgartown School is sponsoring the Books for Bikes program for the second year for the next eight weeks. Phil Hughes, from Wheel Happy Bike Shop in town, has donated two beautiful new bicycles to be raffled - one to student in grades K to 4, the other to a student in grades 5 to 8 for reading at home. For every 120 minutes a student reads at home in a week, they get a raffle ticket to put in the box. On June 2, Phil will return to the school to pick out two lucky winners. Last year's winners were Lucy Ulyatt and Maggie Lindland.

Lee and Cheryl Welch had a great time with the Pink Squid Mobile, built for the Gravity Race that was held on Sunday. Lee's vehicle raised money for the Pink Squid Yacht Club Scholarship Fund, which gives out a scholarship each year to a graduating senior at the high school. Lee enjoyed having the support of his family and friends. Daughter Kellee and her husband, Scott, came to the Island with kids Hannah and Brody, while son Sean, his wife Erika, and their daughters Willa and Josie ventured up to the race from Katama. Lee's great pit crew consisted of other Pink Squid members Scott Hitchings, Scott Morgan and Ken Abbott. There was also a very large contingent of Edgartown spectators cheering them on. Lee took a test run Friday night, down Main Street in Edgartown. However, the test drive was complicated when he was pulled over by the Edgartown Police and handcuffed by Officer Tom Smith. Lee was forced to carry a bucket marked "Bail Money" through The Wharf Restaurant, seeking money to post his bail. In reality, that money, along with the money of numerous other sponsors, went towards the scholarship fund. Lee and Cheryl want to thank everyone who sponsored the Pink Squid Mobile and helped support a worthy cause and a good time.

I've had a request from my readers to stop writing about Sherm Burnham so much, as they are getting sick of reading about him, which is probably just as well. I've heard through the grapevine that he's threatening me with a slander suit. So, Sherm, consider this your last free publicity. Unless we can all think of some other way to get you!

That's it for this week. I know many of you are away this week so be sure to share your vacation news with us when you get back! Have a great week.