By Kay Mayhew - April 20, 2006

The Bradford pear trees are in bloom. Enjoy the Island's spring extravaganza with a short stroll on Clough Lane.

Congratulations to all those who were elected to town office as well as to those who won the jobs. Democracy only works when people are willing to step up to take part. Thanks to all of you. You make our town a better place.

For the first time in 20 years the Republican Tisbury Town Committee will be sending two delegates to the Massachusetts GOP Convention in Lowell on April 29. They will accept donations to cover costs at RTTC, PO Box 2143, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568.

My husband and I had some extra time at Logan Airport last week. We enjoyed a beautiful display of colorful, picturesque wall hangings and many large single traditional quilts hanging in different areas of Terminal C. We made another discovery. Walking towards the new Terminal A is a long open corridor lined with old photographs of people and places provided by Historic New England. Many of the pictures are by Baldwin Coolidge who is known for his scenic pictures of our Island, a few of which are included in this exhibit. Tisbury is featured in a photo of a scene at Lagoon Pond.

We are sorry to hear that Jeffrey Kelley was badly injured in an automobile accident last week. His sister-in-law Gayle Stiller says that he will have a long rehabilitation ahead. Jeff is married to the former Pam Stiller of Tisbury and is the son of Bob and Dot Kelley of Edgartown and the son-in-law of Ruth Stiller. Both Pam and Jeff will appreciate hearing from you. Send his cards c/o Pamela Kelley, 630 Green River Road, Williamstown, MA 01267.

Cheryl Andrews-Maltais opened the library's special series on the history of the Island Wampanoags. Cheryl is the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer. She described many of the tribal traditions from the past that are passed on to the children of the tribe. She also spoke of the attempts to reintroduce the Wampanoag language to the tribe. A highlight of the evening for me was when her nine-year-old daughter Samantha Maltais spoke in Wampanoag to introduce herself.

Chief Ryan Malonson was also at the opening session, although he is not fully recovered from his illness. We were happy to see that he is now out of the hospital.

You are invited to talk about long-range planning for the library on Thursday, May 4. Every five years the state requires libraries to do long-range planning. Working from our vision of what we would like our community to be in the future, the focus group will try to envision how the library can provide the services and programs that will help that vision become real. Join the focus group leader Ann Metcalf and the planning committee to share your ideas and thoughts. The program begins at 5:30 pm.

Youngsters should note that all ages are invited to meet Curious George on Tuesday at the library.

Amy Levine has reopened her shop It's In The Bag, just down the street from her old location. Bigger and better, her shop is now at 58 Main Street.

Big bunches of birthday balloons go out tomorrow to Judy Nichols and Queen Elizabeth II. The queen will be 80 years old. Normally she celebrates her official birthday in June, but this year she will celebrate twice. Alexandra Habekost parties on Tuesday.

Heard on Main Street: "Don't go to bed angry. Stay up."