By Gail Craig - April 27, 2006

Last Friday I made one of those mistakes that makes you bang your head and say "what was I thinking?" I took two children and got in the standby line at 11 am, figuring that we wouldn't have a problem in April. Oh, how wrong I was! We finally got on the 3:45 boat. And five minutes before we are going to walk back down to the car, Riley ran off, proceeded to trip and whack his head on the bottom of one of the seats. At first look it didn't seem to be as bad as the screaming indicated but, again, I was wrong. I was wrong a lot that day, actually. By the time we got down to the car, he had a huge bump on the back of his head and a cut to go with it. I guess I owe my husband thanks for insisting on the first aid kits, complete with ice packs, in the cars. So we spent the next hour at the ER at Falmouth Hospital, which, I must add, is a wonderfully run facility. As Riley was deemed okay, though likely to have a headache for a while and worthy of watching for signs of concussion, we again began our trek to Beverly to visit my sister, Pam, her husband, Phil, and daughter Evie. We finally arrived at about 8:15 pm. By my calculations, it was about 10 hours to go 100 miles or so. Not really what I would call a successful journey. However, we managed to pull out the rest of the weekend, enjoying a show at the Wang (Barbie in Fairytopia), and having some fun with our family. Amelia and Evie spent a large part of the weekend dancing, dressed in beautiful gowns, often to music that only they heard. Riley on the other hand, enjoyed several serious conversations with Uncle Phil, while Pam and I laughed a lot. But after all that, I feel like I could sleep for a week.

As we have received a number of inquiries as to the well being of Chester Mulroney, a.k.a Chester the Dog, I thought I'd give you all an update. Although Chester came within hours of returning to the MSPCA about a week ago, he has been granted a reprieve and is doing very well. I hope this doesn't jinx things. We have changed his diet, which has helped immensely with the house training, we're trying to get him more exercise or otherwise occupied to keep him from chewing on anything he can get his paws on. Although Jamie insists we aren't taking the tags off him yet, I think Chester has been accepted into the fold.

Chris White called to share that her daughter, Ariel, is greatly enjoying her internship at the Conan O'Brien Show. She recently received a promotion to the research department, which is where they research information on all the guests who will be coming on the show. It really sounds like a great opportunity.

Sandy Grant has returned from spending some time in South Carolina and Florida over the winter. With her came a new addition to her brood, a little black and white filly named Lily. It sounds like Lily the Filly is a little sweetie and cute as a button. However, Sandy said the weather has been so chilly lately that she has barely been able to have Lilly outside for more than a few minutes. Sandy would be happy to share her little girl with the public. If you'd like to see her, or any of the other five minis that Sandy has, give her a call. You'd be more than welcome to visit.

On Friday evening, April 28, at the Katharine Cornell Theater the IMPers - the Island's teen professional improv troupe - take the stage to deliver their newly formatted improv show. Edgartown members include Ashley Peters, Melora Armstead, Ed Cisek, Devin Colter, and Ray Ewing.

Last but not least, happy birthday to Jamie Craig and Crocket Cataloni, who both celebrated on April 19.

I think that's about it for this week. Have a great week.