By Gail Craig - May 4, 2006

It's official. I've completely lost my mind. Some of you may have already known that, but I only fully realized today. I actually stood in my kitchen this morning, holding a measuring cup in one hand, a bag of coffee in the other and stared at my coffee maker. I had totally forgotten how to make coffee! Now, I don't make the world's best coffee anyway but how does someone forget how to do something they do most every day? Sometimes, I even frighten myself.

Happy birthday to Katie Clarke, who turned 15 on May 3. It seems like just the other day she was a little kid. Where does the time go? Katie's mom, Nancy, wrote in that on Monday, May 1, she was to be surprised at her usual Monday night mother-daughter dinner, which regularly includes the moms and daughters Ferlands, Greens, Jernegans, Metells, and Watts, with a special party for her at the Slice of Life, complete with chocolate cake of course. I hope the evening was wonderful.

May is a big birthday month for teachers at the Edgartown School. Kindergarten assistant Liz Stobart celebrated on May 1, while May 3 is the big day for health teacher Sue Costello and kindergarten teacher Maria Mackenty. Sue shares her birthday with her son, Nick, but told me that her son makes her celebrate the following day instead.

Donna Honig, who used to be a weather spotter for Todd Gross when he was with Channel 7, let me know that Todd now has a web site for the Cape and Islands. You can log onto www.capeandislandsweather.com and find, not only weather but also bird news, astronomy news and information, school closings, ferry information and more. From the looks of the site, if there is something you want to know about what's happening on the Cape and Islands, you can find the answer there.

Another site that is worth mentioning is a memorial site for Frank Williams, which was created by his family as a lasting memory to him. The web address for the site is http://frank-williams.memory-of.com. It's a lovely site, with pictures and memories of Frank with his family, where you can light a candle in his memory, share a story, or offer condolences.

I received a very funny e-mail from a reader in Ohio, who was disappointed that the Hess and Burnham sub-columns were not included last week. Feeling that he would be completely out of touch with what is going on with Kelly and Sherm, the reader felt strongly that they should be a weekly feature of my column and titled "Hess Highlights" and "Burnham Blog." Upon reading his suggestions, I laughed right out loud, but then, I always knew my brother had a great sense of humor.

On that note, I must add that people have questioned if Mr. Burnham is really suing me. I must share that as of this moment, I have not received any real official documentation of a law suit. I'll keep you posted.

I had one of those interesting experiences last week. After my mom, Buzzy, passed away, hummingbirds became sort of the "earthly" representation of her. As such, I have lots of hummingbird feeders and plants around my home. Similarly, monarch butterflies are my Aunt Dot, my dad's sister. Last week, while shopping at Target, I found some cans of wildflower seed that would attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Thinking that would be great in the yard, I grabbed three of them and brought them home. Later on, I tossed one to my dad to see if he wanted it. He looked at it and asked if I saw what it said. I said "yeah, it says hummingbirds and butterflies." He said "No, above that." Not having noticed anything else worth noting on the can, I looked at it more closely. It read "Buzzy® Butterfly & Hummingbird Seed." It seems that whenever I begin to doubt that Mom is with me, she shows up in some mysterious way.

That's it for this week. Have a great week and be sure to get me your news.