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Welcome back, Michael Hurley

By Tony Omer - May 4, 2006

Michael Hurley is coming back to the Island. Most Islanders seem to appreciate their own tastes in the arts - not necessarily a bad thing. Coming from so many different places both geographically and in time, we have an Island full of eclectic points of view. It can lead to some unusual and interesting happenings.

Michael Hurley is an unusual and interesting happening, and as you might expect he has a large Island following. His sometimes simple and sweet, sometimes exotic, and sometimes just plain ethereal songs are sung in a singular vocal style accompanied by his own guitar and banjo. He has influenced and played with many different artists. His show last June filled Offshore Ale in Oak Bluffs. He is returning to Offshore Ale for only one night on May 6.

In the paper, the date of May 5 was incorrect.