Oak Bluffs

By Megan Alley - May 4, 2006

It seems as no matter where you live in this world, people have a few subjects in common that they are concerned about. When I was in South Carolina last week and was talking with my son's in-laws who were visiting from Australia, the topics were affordable housing and gas prices. In South Carolina there was concern that the price of gas was nearing $3 per gallon, while we here are upset that it is rapidly approaching $4 per gallon, the price in Australia is already almost $5 per gallon. Guess we are not so bad off after all. Word from Tech. Sgt. Pete Forend in Kuwait is that they can get gas there for 30 cents a gallon. I still prefer living in this country, don't you?

John and Ellen Richardson of Wellesley proudly announce the birth of their son, Benjamin Marsh Richardson, on April 18. His Island family includes cousins Henry, Ethan, and Oliver Danielson of Oak Bluffs, his aunts, uncles, and his grandparents David and Ellen Richardson of Oak Bluffs. His off-Island grandparents are Erika Richardson of Scituate and Jane Sibley of Boston.

Condolences to Nancy Tarter Nevin and her children on the death of her husband, Jack. Nancy is always there for everyone, so perhaps this time we can find a way to be of some comfort to her and her family.

Just a reminder that May 8 kicks off Staff Appreciation Week at the Oak Bluffs School. The PTO sponsors a week of fun for our fabulous staff at the school and hopes everyone will join in as they are recognized. Be it a small note, special drawing or simply words - our staff deserves to know how much they mean to us and our children.

Take a moment to go by the school and notice the greening of the front of the building. A number of people made this possible through their donations, discounts and hard work. Among them are John Keene, Mocha Mott's, Kris O'Brien, Sue Garret, Brenda Wallis, Peter Binney, and principal Laury Binney. A very special thanks to Fred Thornbrugh for garnering the plant donations from Jardin Mahoney nursery and his extensive labor towards this project. Please everyone, be sensitive to not walking through this area since it has just been seeded and needs time to grow in. Projects to continue the improving of the grounds around the school, including the playgrounds, are in the works and we will keep you informed of these so you too may volunteer your time or talent towards these goals.

The School Book fair runs through Tuesday, May 9, so come by and stock up for summer reading. It is open to the public Monday to Thursday during these dates from 8 am to 4 pm.

Students from all the schools are combining their talents for a spring concert. The All-Island String Concert will take place on May 9 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm at the Martha's Vineyard Regional High School Performing Arts Center. Students from first grade through high school will perform in large groups and orchestras.

Andy and Kathy Farrissey will be celebrating their wedding anniversary on May 6.

Jay, Jordan, and Dylan Debettencourt, and Jay's father-in-law Julian Plyes arrived from Forrestdale to participate in the annual Peter Debettencourt Memorial Scholarship Golf Tournament in Edgartown last week. Other participants included many of Peter's friends and his mother Lois Debettencourt who told me she was the lone female player!

We send birthday smiles to Shelby Ponte who turned four on April 22. She went to the Flying Horses with her Poopa John Bunker and brother Hunter, then had a Dora the Explorer party on Sunday with some friends from pre-school and family. On April 29 the annual birthday party for all Woodside Village residents was held. The party was enlivened when Elvis entered the building courtesy of resident Rita Reynolds. A good time was had by all. Fred Hall and Todd Alexander will party tomorrow.

The Island is slowly warming up in its journey toward summer, not only with the flowers and shrubs slowly awakening, but with the echoes of hammers working towards sprucing up buildings and the steady stream of returning residents from their winter sojourns in warmer places. So once again the cycle continues.

Enjoy your week and send your news along to me.