By Kay Mayhew - May 4, 2006

David Silverman held the group enthralled at the Vineyard Haven Public Library last Thursday. The young professor from George Washington University is a fascinating speaker. Usually the program runs about an hour, but at nearly two hours his audience was reluctant to stop asking questions. His new book "Faith and Boundaries" is a history of the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head/Aquinnah from 1600 to 1871.

Two days ago June Manning and Berta Welch talked about the history of the tribe over the last 150 years.

Next Tuesday is the final session of the Ruth Redding Vineyard History lectures at the Library. This was a wonderful series covering many aspects of the tribal history of the Wampanoags in Aquinnah. At 6:30 pm on May 9 you can meet the tribal chairman and artisan Donald Widdiss. He will talk about artistic traditions such as wampum and traditional pottery and show some of his work. He will present some of the Wampanoag antique work. Donald was a leader in obtaining federal recognition for the tribe. He will explain what has changed for the tribe. His mother, Gladys Widdiss, is also an elder as well as an experienced potter using clay from the Gay Head cliffs. She will not only share some of her work, but she will also share some of her old memories of the tribe.

Next Tuesday morning little ones are invited to meet Mother Goose and hear stories and rhymes. According to what I hear from both big and little people, Curious George was a very popular visitor last month.

The Friends of the Library are planning their third annual library street fair for Sunday, June 18. Their plans include help from you. Now they are looking for lovingly used books (give those to the Library) or antiques and collectibles (call Rosemary, 508-693-0544). People who would like to sign up for a $25 space at the Flea Market should call Clara at 508-693-9439. The fair will take place on the grounds of the library, and Greenwood Avenue will be closed to traffic. Mark your calendar now.

Tomorrow the Martha's Vineyard Film Society will showcase two films by Island filmmaker Jonathan Skurnik. "Rick's Canoe" was written, directed, and edited in 10 days last November in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Another film, "Pregnant," is a short film by Mr. Skurnik. The show begins at 8 pm at the Cornell Theatre.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Anne Duarte.

Happy anniversary to Craig and Laura Mayhew. They celebrate four happy years on "cinco de mayhew".

Heard on Main Street: "A smile makes you look younger. And it makes everyone wonder what you are up to."