By Gail Craig - May 11, 2006

Taking in Chester Mulroney finally drove me to do something that I've been threatening to do for a long time. I went out and bought a new vacuum cleaner. I researched them quite a bit on the Internet first and basically learned one thing and that is that everyone thinks their vacuum stinks. The predominant opinion found on the Internet was that a commercial vacuum is the best option for animal hair but Eureka has a model that they suggest for pet hair. At only about $100 to purchase, I had my doubts as to the abilities of the Altima. But I have to say, although it has a couple design idiosyncrasies, I am cautiously optimistic after using it this afternoon. I'd also like to mention that it is my first bagless vacuum and I am completely appalled at what came out of my "clean" rugs. Ick! So, this evening, as I sit in my living room, I am pleased with the cleanliness that surrounds me. Chester and Roxie may now shed at will!

The Martha's Vineyard Cancer Support Group would like to invite you to "An Evening Under the Stars", a gala celebration at Mediterranean on Thursday May 25 from 6 until 9 pm.

Music will be provided by Will Pfluger and there will be plenty of good things to eat and drink. Admission is $100, which is a tax-deductible donation to the MVCSG. For reservations or information, call Jane Carroll at 508-696-9849.

Clearly it has been a long winter on Martha's Vineyard because this whole Kelly Hess thing has taken on a life of its own. Apparently while she and Mark were out to dinner with friends Sue and Pierre Guerin, the waitress came up to her, expressing concern for Kelly's well-being, as she'd not read anything about her in The Times for weeks! So, for all you readers who may have concerns, rest assured: Kelly Hess is fine. She is, however, gainfully employed, so has significantly less time to gallivant and have fun.

On that note, however, I was asked to share the following information. Mark and Kelly attended the casino night on Friday night at the Harbor View. As the group that was going to run the event failed to make their boat, or any other boat for that matter, there wasn't a lot to do. Mark apparently filled his time by telling a number of people that he was going to go change around all of the arrow signs for the bike ride the following morning to confuse everyone. The following morning, while getting his coffee, Mark overheard someone complaining that someone had switched around all the signs in Katama, which really messed up a lot of the ride for people. Mark wanted me to assure everyone that he did not actually play any part in those shenanigans, although he did get sort of a chuckle that someone else had thought of the same thing.

The annual Rainbow Run, arguably the cutest event on the Island each year, took place Saturday morning. The kids from The Rainbow Place preschool don their running attire and run their little hearts out from the Edgartown Yacht Club parking lot to the Old Whaling Church. It is absolutely adorable to see all the kids running and smiling before the cheering public. At the end, they eat some snacks, drink some juice, and receive gold medals with a rainbow ribbon for their efforts. Thank you to Cinderella (Cindy) Andrews and the rest of the crew of teachers at the Rainbow place - Becky, Kalle, Heidi, Heidi C, and Jen. They are a remarkable bunch, who truly enjoy the kids and make The Rainbow Place a joyful experience for everyone.

The hummingbirds have arrived at the feeders. We have at least two distinct birds, one with a bright red throat and one with a white throat. Other than that, it is very difficult to tell those beautiful and speedy little devils apart. They are just fascinating to watch and never fail to stop me in my tracks as I watch them flitter about.

Thank you to all who have stopped me on the street, called, or e-mailed your comments on the Buzzy® flower seed story I shared last week. Apparently, several readers have had similar experiences and are similarly moved when such things occur. It's reassuring to feel that those we have lost are still with us in spirit.

That's about it for this week. If you would like to share a tidbit or story in print next week, be share to get in touch with me (or Kelly). Don't forget Mother's Day is Sunday. Do something special for Mom!