Oh, what a night! - Junior Prom 2006

Posted - May 11, 2006

Martha's Vineyard Regional High School students donned elegant finery, headed out in style, and glowed like movie stars last Friday for the annual junior prom. Outerland at the Martha's Vineyard Airport was the setting for this magical and memorable evening.

Prom night nobility: Jason Mello and Ilikea Scott were crowned king and queen of the gala event. Photos by Ralph Stewart
Logan Russell and Emily Smith in a happy, playful moment at Outerland.
Cheek to cheek are Kathryn Dimovich and Devin Colter at last Friday's prom.
Glamour-girls Quinn Retmier, Grace Murphy, and Naomi Rayfield share a prom-night hug.
(From left) Mike Diaz, Connor Rasmussen, Taylor Pierce, Erin Hanna, and Tyler Hathaway, out on the town.
(From left) Edison Parzanese, Jen Ward, Bill Belcher, John Nelson, Danielle Sedlier, and Ashley Medeiros prepare to depart for a pre-prom dinner at the Square Rigger. Promgoers travelled in style as Mr. Belcher drove the trolley.
Carol Mercier and Jimmy Bishop strike a formal pose.
Nina Butler and Ben Post enter the nightclub.