Oak Bluffs

By Megan Alley - May 11, 2006

The crows have started their early morning wake-up calls with their annoying cawing before the sun even rises. Giving up the attempt to sleep in, I decided to view the sunrise from the back porch and saw another early riser. Rather I heard him first as a sound of something trotting down our gravel driveway caught my attention. Around the corner of the house came a large but beautiful skunk scurrying down the driveway, across the lawn and into the woods park behind the house. Once more I wish I had my camera with me. I was happy to observe it from the shelter of my porch and I guess I have to be grateful to those troublesome crows for alerting me to the fact that I had "company" coming.

The Friends of Oak Bluffs board of directors met recently to update on current fund-raising projects which include memorial lamp posts, bricks in Ocean Park and the reproduction posters and Christmas cards from the Jacob Knight painting of Ocean Park. Information on all of these projects is available thanks to Sharon Kelley at the Secret Garden in Oak Bluffs. The bench project has been discontinued as there are more than 300 out. New areas for lamp posts are being explored. Other projects such as a method for humanely ridding Ocean Park of the resident geese are being discussed with Richard Combra, Jr. of the Oak Bluffs Highway Dept. They are also exploring a joint venture with Mr. Combra to have new fencing installed along the boulevard. The annual planting of the Healey Mall will take place on May 25 with a rain date of May 26. Present at the meeting were Judy Williamson, Priscilla Sylvia, Nancy Billings, and Renee Balter.

Habitat For Humanity of Martha's Vineyard is having their annual "House Walk" on Saturday, May 13, beginning at 9 am. The walk is an easy 4.5-mile trek along the seaside bike path from Oak Bluffs to Edgartown. Students and adults from the Oak Bluffs School will be walking as sponsors for raising funds for this worthwhile organization. We encourage you to participate in the walk as well as seek pledges to help raise money for Habitat. Flyers and pledge sheets have been sent home with students.

We send birthday smiles to Grandson Marques Rivers who partied yesterday, and to Lester White whose special day is May 15. Nora and Gary Jardin celebrated their wedding anniversary on May 10.

Rachel Alley of South Hadley was the guest of honor at a baby shower last week to celebrate the birth of her baby Drew Madeiras Alley. Many relatives and friends were present to shower the new mother and baby with delightful gifts.

DARE graduation for sixth-grade students is being held today from 1:15 until 2:30 pm in the school cafeteria. Parents, friends, and families are invited to attend and show their support for these students.

A special presentation will be held tomorrow in the gym during Friday's Community Meeting to wind up the Staff Appreciation Week. The meeting starts just after school opens and everyone is more than welcome to attend. Our staff is worth every effort that we can make.

And speaking of school staff, guess who is retiring! None other than the "Jewel of the Oak Bluffs School," Pam Melrose. We who know her well cannot imagine her without her colorful and well-coordinated jewels that always enhance her outfits so in her honor a retirement party has been planned. The party is May 21 at the Ocean View from 1until 4 pm. Tickets can be bought from Sue Peters at the school. It is suggested that everyone who attends wears his or her best jewels, even though we cannot possibly "outshine" the guest of honor. See you there.

This Friday, May 12, from 10 am to 11:30 AM, guest speaker for Friday Conversations at the senior center will be Lt. Don Rose of the Massachusetts State Police. He will describe the MV Triade program to supply Reflective House Address signs that can be installed on your property to direct emergency responders to your home in case of an emergency.

Let me know your news of birthdays, visitors or upcoming events remembering that my deadline is Sunday evening or very early Monday morning. Also, I have received notices of events that would have been interesting to many people, but they are sent too late as the events have been scheduled to take place before the paper is published on Thursdays.

Enjoy your week.