Sun sign stuff...

By Arlan Wise - May 18, 2006

This column is not a sun sign column. People do want to know about their sun signs, though, so here are the broad strokes of what's going on for your sign.

Sagittarius and Gemini are feeling Pluto's slow crawl through the sign of Sagittarius. He takes what is used up and unnecessary from your life. Aquarians and Leos are dealing with Neptune and Saturn, a push-pull of reality vs. fantasy, as well as experiencing Chiron and his healing touch. Pisceans are still being tossed around by Uranus with his essence of unpredictability. Scorpios and Taureans are lucky this year. Librans' difficulties will lessen by the end of June when they hand them over to Virgos, who are already having a hard time keeping things straight and orderly. Capricorn, Aries, and Cancer have a green light to move ahead without many obstacles.

Neptune turns retrograde this week. This happens every year and ushers in a time when certain rigid attitudes and beliefs that have become embedded in your psyche start to dissolve. Neptune dislodges attachments to the past that don't work for you anymore.

Thursday, May 18 Moon in Aquarius. Today is a day for thinking and thought. The sun and Mercury meet in earthy Taurus, planting a seed you will think about and act on for months to come. Consider how you can protect your investments and other assets. This is a barren moon and seeds planted now tend to rot.

Friday, May 19 Moon in Aquarius. Mercury zips into Gemini, his own sign, and he urges you to make fast decisions and stay mentally active. Talk about your problems, dreams, and dilemmas with a good listener. Write those essays and reports that need to get done. Hang out with friends tonight and learn something new.

Saturday, May 20 Moon in Pisces. Today is the last day of Taurus. You will miss this connection to the earth. The pace picks up soon, so just lay back and enjoy a lazy day. It's a wonderful day to garden. See if you can be still enough to hear what Mother Nature has to say to you. Daydreams are creative. Meditate outdoors.

Sunday, May 21 Moon in Pisces. The sun is now in Gemini and you'll move at double time. Welcome the odd and unusual into your life today. Let your fantasies take form. Be willing to consider the unbelievable. Keep planting and tending to the garden and yard.

Monday, May 22 Moon VC Pisces, enters Aries 9:24 am. You might as well sleep in and start the day a little later. You'll have lots of energy to move around and may find yourself spinning in circles if you don't make a plan. Neptune starts his retrograde cycle today giving a fuzzy feeling to the atmosphere inside your mind. Write down your thoughts - you can express yourself well today.

Tuesday, May 23 Moon in Aries. You will move as if your mind and body are on fire. Go out and experience life and leave the decisions to another day. Relationships feel the tension of your individual desires versus the need for shared caring. Any male-female role confusion will present a challenge.

Wednesday, May 24 Moon VC Aries, enters Taurus 12 pm. Hold on to your temper this morning as things go awry and nothing happens in a straight line. You can feel your feet on the ground after lunch and then can calmly proceed with your work. Go back and plant and transplant. Examine the emotions that accompany your relationship.

Thursday, May 25 Moon in Taurus. It's a fertile day for organic matter and also in the world of ideas. Care for your ideas as if they are tender seedlings so that they will grow into something solid and beautiful. It's a sensuous night for love and passion. Treat your body to exquisite sensations.

Friday, May 26 Moon VC Taurus, enters Gemini 3:19 pm. The workday is under a VC moon. Wrap up the week and clean up your workspace. Save the most important phone calls and dealings until the late afternoon. Try to think outside of the box to anticipate surprises and mistakes. Tonight is the dark of the moon, perform a healing ritual.

Saturday, May 27 Moon in Gemini. Still your mind by doing breathing exercises so you can feel the stimulus of this new moon. You'll want to go in a million directions at the same time. Try to choose a couple of things to do. See the friends who you like best. Keep your mind busy and your hands working. Try not to spend the day in idle gossip.

Sunday, May 28 Moon in Gemini, VC 7:23 pm to 8:33 pm when it enters Cancer. There's stability to the day. You won't feel as jumpy, but you still need to keep your mind occupied. Visit friends in the neighborhood. Browse the libraries and bookstores. Have a late dinner with the family. Tell yourself to remember tonight's dreams.

Monday, May 29 Moon in Cancer. Venus enters her sensual sign of Taurus. She will be happy for a month and bring you lots of hugs and cuddles. Today and tomorrow are the most fertile days of this lunar month. You'll feel sensitive and psychic and need to be around water.

Tuesday, May 30 Moon in Cancer. Take time to put plantings in and around your work space. Focus on the part of your work where you need extra empathy, you have it today. Take care of things around the house. Shop for furniture and kitchen appliances. The sun and Chiron offer you an easy way to heal your past pain by just letting it go.

Wednesday, May 31 Moon in Leo. It's an energetic day when your creative juices are flowing. Express yourself; you can sell yourself with pride. Look at your creation and make the decision if it's ready to go out into the world. Trust your judgment. Think about who and what you love and if you are holding back too much.

Thursday, June 1 Moon in Leo. It's another hot creative day. Go to art shows, and/or show your art. Try doing things your new way. Teach the kids a new game to play. Write a fan letter to a favorite author, musician, or actor. Write a love letter to your loved one. Have fun today.