Fabulists entertain, instruct

Children from the audience joined actor Paul Munafo on stage. Mr. Munafo portrayed a
choreographer sent to teach the Raja a dance. Photos by Ralph Stewart

By Anna Marie D'Addarie - May 18, 2006

Last Saturday a capacity crowd at the Vineyard Playhouse cheered on the Fabulists in a production of "Raja Mataj and the Tortoise." The show was co-sponsored by the Martha's Vineyard Library Association.

Children in brightly colored rain gear entered the theater, anxious for the play to begin. Parents greeted each other and children tugged on mom or dad's sleeve to hurry them into their seats.

The play, a Southeast Asian tale, tells the story of a prince who never knows when to listen. The prince is taught the lesson by watching what happens to a tortoise when he opens his mouth at the wrong time.

Actor and audience alike enjoyed the experience, and the play was just the thing to wash away the rainy day blues. Look for the Fabulists each Saturday in July and August at the Tisbury Amphitheater for more high-energy, audience-participation, family theater.

For more information on the Vineyard Playhouse season of main stage productions, children's theater, and Shakespeare, visit www.vineyardplayhouse.org.

Tortoise, Paul Munafo, learns a valuable lesson.
MJ Bruder Munafo opens last Saturday's play at the Vineyard Playhouse with a ceremonial offering. Actors asking questions comically interrupted the mood.
Chris Kann (center) as the Raja Mataj with Chelsea McCarthy (left) and Lianna Loughman (right).
Jenik Munafo tries to get the attention of the Raja, but he won't stop talking long enough to listen.