Posted May 25, 2006

The following students have won prizes at this year's science fair at Martha's Vineyard Regional High School:

The Dr. James Porter Award: Blake Stelle, first place; Matthew Scott, second place; and Jessica Cummens, third place.

The underclassman team competition: Julie Perry and Shelagh Kelley, first place; Eliza Gowell and Diana Nash, second place; and Madeline Conover and Amanda Brown, third place.

Engineering competition: Felicia Williams and Miranda Hill, first place; Allison Carr and Stetson Nunes, second place; Alanna Echlin, third place.

Biology category winners: Truman French; and Samantha Rabin.

Chemistry category winners: Rachel Schubert; and Anna Markwica.

Physics category winners: Adam Herman; and Max Shay.

Environmental science category: Ben Hopkins; and Megan Lowe.

Special topic awards: Lana Ho, Casey McCurdy, Blake Stelle, Matt Scott, and Truman French.

Forensic science: Samantha Rabin, Jessica Seidman, and Julie Perry and Shelagh Kelley.

Water award: Jane Alexander, first place; Sarah Nelson, second place; Ben Hopkins, third place; and Rachel Schubert, fourth place.

During the week of April 3 through April 7 the first through fourth grade students at the Edgartown School raised $5,054 by jumping rope to benefit the American Heart Association.

"Jump Rope For Heart" program empowered the students to help the community and helped them discover they could make a difference. Physical education instructors Joe Thibodeau and Michelle Pikor are proud of all the students and grateful to the community for their support.