By Gail Craig - May 25, 2006

Children are such amazing little creatures, aren't they? No one else can send an adult through such tumultuous emotional mood swings, seemingly without extending any actual effort. My kids are fully capable of driving me so insane that I think my head might explode. I'm amazed at their ability to appear to completely ignore, and even defy me constantly, driving me absolutely bonkers. Then, they turn around and do or say things that make me feel like my heart is going to explode with love for them. Sometimes, they don't even have to do anything to prompt that feeling. If I just sit quietly and watch them, really watch them, without thinking about anything else or trying to accomplish some other task, I am just so overcome by their beauty and soul. Kids have so much they need to learn and there is so much that we, as parents have to teach them. But if you watch them, you realize that they already know so much about what is important. Their sense of the need for fairness in the world, that everyone is equal, that finances and economic status don't matter, that fun is as important as work, that caring for someone else can be shown by just a hug or sharing a toy, all of these are things that we should cherish and hold onto long into our adulthood. And sometimes, and this is something that other moms in the world can probably relate to, sometimes, even as your kids grow up and away, you can grab them and pull them close. And there is a little spot, on their neck or cheek, no matter what they have been doing or how dirty they are, that still smells like that wonderful little baby that we snuggled so close in the hospital when he or she was born. And you can feel that incredible surge that you felt when you first laid eyes on your little one. Frustrations melt away and for that brief moment that you are holding them close, all is right with the world. As I said, they are such amazing little creatures.

I was informed by a group from Edgartown that last Saturday, May 13, a well known Edgartown resident took her trusted canine companion, Ozzie, for their usual ball game in the State Forest. Unfortunately, something caught Ozzie's eye and he took off running. The owner spent the whole night in the woods looking for Ozzie and calling for him to no avail. 26 hours later, she received the call that Ozzie, her friend who had seen her through her own serious illness, had been hit by a car and left on the side of the road to die. Ozzie was immediately taken to Weymouth South Shore Animal Hospital, where he is being treated for swelling on his spine and dislocated hips. Unfortunately, treatment hasn't worked thus far and the dog requires extensive and expensive surgery. The group that contacted me, friends of the dog's owner, wanted to share that they have established "Ozzie's Recovery Fund", at the Dukes County Savings Bank, Box 1069, Edgartown to help this woman and her canine friend. While Ozzie is in the hospital, his owner has been making daily trips over on the boat to be with him. He was a true and faithful companion while his owner battled cancer. Now she wants to return that care, as any dog lover certainly understands.  The South Shore Animal Hospital is top notch. Ozzie is in very good hands. Let's hope for a speedy recovery.

At 11 am on May 27, the Friends of Nathan Mayhew Seminars are hosting a spring brunch fundraiser at the Harbor View Hotel. Island photographers Mark Lovewell, Julian Robinson, and Peter Simon will show their work and contribute photos to a raffle to raise money for the building and programs.

Co-authors Nancy Purnell and Brooks Robards will be there as well, for a book signing and sale of their three Martha's Vineyard volumes of poems, paintings, and photographs. Tickets are $50, tax deductible, and available at the door.

May 20 was a big day in Edgartown. As I mentioned last week, it was Amelia's birthday. She shares her birthday with Master Lucas Fenske, who also celebrated his fourth birthday that day. We heard through the Vineyard grapevine that Lucas had a smashing party Saturday morning and that guests didn't want to leave the celebration. And last but not least, I'd like to wish Joanne and Kevin Ryan a happy 29th wedding anniversary, which they celebrated on May 20, as well.

The Morris family is having a tough time with legs this spring. John Morris broke his leg a few weeks back and has been in a cast ever since. He hoped to get the cast off last Thursday but instead, he got a new one put on. This one is a walking cast, so there is some improvement. And he has become very skilled with those crutches. He'd probably be great in a three-legged race! But seven weeks in a cast would be too much for the best of us, let alone a six-year-old boy!

Not to be outdone by her son, mom Meaghan Morris had surgery on Tuesday to repair a torn meniscus in her knee and will be laid up for a week or so as she recovers. So, half of the Morris team is currently out of the games with leg injuries. Darren and Matt, I advise you to live carefully. The odds may not actually be against you but it's enough to be cautious! Get well, Meaghan and John. Summer is just around the corner.

The Edgartown School's annual March to the Sea is tomorrow afternoon at 1 pm. Keep an eye out for the kids as they walk to town to honor our service men and women. And remember Memorial Day services on Monday. Volunteers are needed to set up flags at the Avenue of Flags at 7:30 am in Oak Grove Cemetery, State Rd., Vineyard Haven. The Memorial Day Parade is scheduled for 9:45 am at the American Legion Hall in Vineyard Haven. Take the time to get out and view the parade and support the troops, past and present, regardless of your political views. You can oppose war and still support the troops. After all, if it wasn't for them, you might not have the right to protest.

It seems the trouble making is expanding in Edgartown. Maureen Hill shared that, while the Hammond, Hess, Hill, and Guerin families were all at the movies together on Sunday, one of the "children" started a gummy bear fight, which almost got everyone kicked out of the cinema. Of course, the "child" responsible for the whole thing was none other than Maureen's husband, Mr. Brad Hill. He keenly beaned Theo, Owen and Malcolm off the head with gummy bears, leading them to retaliate against poor little Miss Erin Hill, Brad, and Maureen's daughter, who the boys wrongly accused as the culprit. It was Owen Hess who finally realized the real culprit was Brad! Maureen says it was pretty funny, which I'm sure it was. As my husband often says, you're only young once but you stay immature forever!

Have a great week and remember that it will be very busy this weekend.