Time for an astrological booklist...

By Arlan Wise - June 1, 2006

We are in the month of Gemini and it is a time to feed your mind. Here are some recommendations for advancing your astrological knowledge. If you know nothing and want to read your first astrology book, try Steven Forrest's "The Inner Sky" or Kim Rogers-Gallagher's "Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain." Both books teach the basics in an easy and entertaining manner. For those who know astrology and want to learn more, read anything and everything by Michael Lutin and Liz Greene. Books that will make you think are: "The Moment of Astrology" by Geoffrey Cornellius, and "Cosmic Loom" by Dennis Elwell. If you want an introduction to financial astrology, read "Business Astrology 101" by Georgia Anna Stathis.

A historian named Benson Bobrick has written a book on astrology in history called "The Fated Sky." He shows how astrology has been part of mainstream culture until fairly recent times. It is interesting reading for everyone.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and lord of reading, writing, and all forms of communication will stay direct until July 4. He will be retrograde for most of July, the 4th through the 28th. Get things set up so you can glide through July.

Thursday, June 1. Moon in Leo. It's another hot creative day. Go to art shows, and/or show your art. Try doing things your new way. Teach the kids a new game to play. Write a fan letter to a favorite author, musician, or actor. Write a love letter to your loved one. Have fun today.

Friday, June 2. Moon in Leo, VC from 1:34 pm until 4:17 pm, when it enters Virgo. You'll be full of creative ideas and can implement them in the morning. Take a long lunch break so you can work late into the evening, or just leave early for the weekend. It will be a good weekend to work or take a workshop on some useful topic.

Saturday, June 3. Moon in Virgo. You'll feel the unsettled atmosphere caused by two planets changing signs as a lack of focus. Mercury enters Cancer to slow down your thoughts and let your feelings have a chance to express themselves. Mars enters Leo, a sign where he is strong and warlike, and where Saturn now resides. This will help you hone your creativity. You'll have better use of your energy now.

Sunday, June 4. Moon in Virgo, VC 8:29 pm. Stay busy doing chores and taking care of business. Do a lot so you can free up next weekend, which is a better one for play. Recycle, correct and fix, clean up and discard clutter. Correct and fix the aspects of your relationship that need it. This is a barren moon, great for cultivation and destroying weeds and pests.

Monday, June 5. Moon in Libra. This will be a chaotic day as the sun and Uranus turn things topsy-turvy. Expect the unexpected and be very slow and careful when around anything dangerous. Drive defensively. Instead of rebelling, try to change what bothers you. Keep an open mind and you will learn something new.

Tuesday, June 6. Moon in Libra. You will want to socialize and gossip instead of working today. Try redecorating your workspace to make the energy flow better. Bring flowers inside and plant them outside. Have a brainstorming session with co-workers. Go out with your loved one and talk about any old wounds that either of you may be feeling.

Wednesday, June 7. Moon in Libra, VC from 8:15 am until 4:41 pm, when it enters Scorpio. Take today as a personal day if you can. The VC moon will make you feel lazy and like loafing around. Venus and Jupiter give a charm and grace to the day and make you want to go find fun and pleasure. Indulge your need for beauty by planting some rose bushes.

Thursday, June 8. Moon in Scorpio. Listen to your inner voice and once you get an all clear, act. Take that risk. It's an excellent day for planting; now through Friday are the most fertile days for the next two weeks. Get tomorrow's important work done. Take some time to be by yourself. Write in your journal.

Friday, June 9. Moon VC Scorpio. You can solve your problems by using your intuition. It works best if you don't let your emotions get in the way. You will receive some good ideas from your inner voice. Spend as much time as you can in the yard and garden. Chill.

Saturday, June 10. Moon in Sagittarius. Leave the gardening and go play. Take a trip, take a workshop, or go on a meditation retreat. It's a weekend to have an adventure. At the least, go out your front door and go in a new direction. You need to experiment in some way. Take a walk in the moonlight.

Sunday, June 11. Moon in Sagittarius. Today's full moon is one of the more spiritually inclined lunations. It is an auspicious day to devote to your spiritual practice. Be receptive to inspiration. Get outdoors and have fun with sports or hiking or some kind of physical exertion.

Monday, June 12. Moon in Capricorn. Here's the workday that the industrious ones have been waiting for. You can focus, have persistence, and get the job done. Work on the matters which can advance your career. Today is a day when you can put your ideas into form, even the far-out ones.

Tuesday, June 13. Moon in Capricorn, VC 12:50 pm. You only get a half-day of this wonderful work energy, so start the day early. Once the moon goes void, finish up what you started. It's a good time to clean your desk, refile those files, and catch up on trade journals.

Wednesday, June 14. Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 9:32 am. Your feet won't touch the ground as you fly thorough this airy day. It 's a day for thoughts of all kinds, and conversations that share those thoughts. It's an excellent day for therapy. Do research on the Internet. Upgrade your computer equipment.

Thursday, June 15. Moon in Aquarius. There's a strong Neptune emphasis today that is best expressed in service work. Put your energy into helping with a community project. Try to remember last night's dreams. Ask a friend if your goals are realistic. Escape with a good science fiction movie tonight.