Singer/songwriter Matthew John Drinnenberg.

Mellow evening at the Wharf

Posted June 1, 2006

Matthew John Drinnenberg brings his singing and songwriting talents to The Wharf in Edgartown this Friday evening. With his engaging easy listening style, Matthew has been compared to everyone from James Taylor to Chris Isaak to Gordon Lightfoot, and is very much a storyteller, musical and otherwise. His CD, "Undiscovered," was recently released on the Crescent Tail Music label.

Born in Jan.,1961, and raised in Tampa, Fla., Matthew Drinnenberg can't remember when he wasn't thinking about music. Following his older brother, Mark, Matthew taught himself how to play guitar and was soon playing his favorite tunes, an odd combination of classic ballads by the Bee Gees and the hard rocking hits of The Rolling Stones. In fact, the first time he picked up a guitar it was to learn to play "Satisfaction." 

Matthew says that one of his earliest musical memories is of him sitting in his bedroom, late at night, singing along to the "Best of the Bee Gees: Volume 2." No matter how many times his father, Louis, would stick his head in the door and tell him to go to bed, Matt would hear the next song begin and join in with the Brothers Gibb.

Matt served his country proudly in the United States Army after graduating from high school, with duty stations in Bremerhaven, Germany, and outside of Savannah, Ga. In fact, he won his first talent contest at his first duty station in Bremerhaven. No surprise that the tune he performed was "Wouldn't I Be Someone" by the Bee Gees. In the early 1980s he was lead singer for local Tampa Bay area rock bands the HATS and BLADE. He also co-wrote a popular "Rocky Horror" tribute song that became a cult hit in the Tampa Bay area. Since then he has been recognized many times for his singing and song writing, most recently winning a NCL Cruise Line "Star Seeker" talent contest.

Among his musical dreams is to write a song with Barry Gibb and to jam on stage with the Stones!