Summer 2006...

By Arlan Wise - June 15, 2006

Summer begins on June 21. The chart is conflicted. It looks like the summer will be a serious one. Planets in fixed signs are forming a square, which sets up a stubborn, unmoving pattern in the sky. You will be making decisions about letting go and moving on while feeling stuck. Business and public status will be the area in life where you will do the best. The benefits that come from life at home and with family continue. Relationships will undergo heavy scrutiny as you must find the balance between what it is you need, and it will be obvious this summer, and the needs of your partner. If you have been dependent on your partner for anything, you will have to learn to stand on your own. If the relationship is one based on expressing love, it will grow if you have given it a good foundation. Your illusions will be shattered by the end of August when realistic Saturn comes to oppose idealistic Neptune.

Mercury is retrograde for most of July, from July 4 to the 28th. Get everything set up for July now. If you are working on a fundraiser, giving a big party, or opening a business, do as much of the organizing and prep work as you can while it is still easy to do.

Thursday, June 15 Moon in Aquarius. There's a strong Neptune emphasis today that is best expressed in service work. Put your energy into helping with a community project. Try to remember last night's dreams. Ask a friend if your goals are realistic. Escape with a good science fiction movie tonight. Exchange ideas with your Internet friends.

Friday, June 16 Moon VC Aquarius enters Pisces12:05 pm. The sun and Pluto oppose each other today. Power issues you may not have been aware of will come to confrontation. Keep a low profile and avoid trouble. You can't win. Deceptions are uncovered as the truth erupts in your face. You can be effective in your garden; it's a fertile moon.

Saturday, June 17 Moon in Pisces. It's a good day to get lost in daydreams and fantasies while you garden. Try to stay unscheduled so you can flow through the day. Do what you feel like doing. Let go of trying to accomplish much and let yourself be. Hang out by the water.

Sunday, June 18 Moon in Pisces, VC from 10:08 am until 2:54 am when it enters Aries. Mars catches up to Saturn today, and it feels like running into a brick wall. You need to stop and look back before you can move forward. Examine your love life, or lack of it, and your creative ventures and blocks. Don't let the frustration of the day upset you. Mars opposes Chiron, bringing fire to that old pain.

Monday, June 19 Moon in Aries. Uranus turns retrograde, which puts you back in motion, but not always in the direction you were heading. Hang on to your temper, as it can be easily aroused. You need to work by yourself. Be careful when handing dangerous material and drive defensively. There's an excess of energy available for work and play.

Tuesday, June 20 Moon in Aries, VC from 5:20 pm until 6:23 pm when it enters Taurus. Today is the last day of Gemini and the last day of Spring. It's a good time for mental work. Write those important letters; give that big speech. Saturn and Chiron oppose each other offering a challenge and an opportunity to make your healing efforts take concrete form.

Wednesday, June 21 Moon in Taurus. The sun enters Cancer at 8:26 am and Summer begins. It is a day made holy by years of celebrations. Plant the seeds of that which you wish to care for, nurture, and grow this summer. Have a dinner party and serve fresh produce. Make a new season resolution to begin something you've been putting off doing.

Thursday, June 22 Moon in Taurus, VC 8:44 pm until 10:49 pm when it enters Gemini. You'll feel like you can come down to earth today. Safety and security issues become more important now. Do what makes you more comfortable. Go to bed early before you start thinking too much.

Friday, June 23 Moon in Gemini. This is a Mercury-ruled moon; take advantage of its verbal agility and fast thought patterns while you still can. Take care of all your communications today. Venus enters Gemini tonight to open up your social life. Books, words, and talk become more fun. Have a group of friends over to play word games.

Saturday, June 24 Moon in Gemini, VC 8:02 pm. Wait until tomorrow to plant; this is a great day to weed, cut grass, and get rid of bugs. Visit friends, go to yard sales to find old books, browse the libraries. You make do a lot of short visits and catch up with a bunch of friends. Have a book group or movie group meeting. Tonight is the dark of the moon.

Sunday, June 25 Moon in Cancer. This new moon is close enough to the solstice to be unusually potent. It is about growth, nurturing, and connecting with the life force of Mother Nature. Meditate in your garden or yard. It's a super fertile day to plant, go to the nursery and listen to hear who wants to come home with you.

Monday, June 26 Moon in Cancer. Keep planting and transplanting. Listen to your emotions when you need to make today's decisions. Call Mom and check up on family matters. Shop for food and kitchen items. Get together with your women friends for a night of food and emotional sharing.

Tuesday, June 27 Moon in Cancer, VC from 12:02 pm until 1:09 pm when it enters Leo. Use the morning if you can finish up your garden work, as this is unusually fine growth energy. Mercury turns retrograde a week from today; let that fact organize your work for the rest of the week. Have fun tonight.

Wednesday, June 28 Moon in Leo. It's an up-and-down day as the moon contacts Saturn to sober you up and then moves on to fiery Mars. You'll feel tired and energetic, will want to be quiet and then feel like exploding. Mercury enters Leo today to turn thoughts towards your creativity and self-expression.

Thursday, June 29 Moon in Leo, VC 2:24 pm. Take the afternoon off to play with the kids. Have some early summer fun. Show off your creativity. Buy some new toys for the season. Buy some theater and concert tickets. Keep a playful attitude. Take your lover to a secret place tonight.